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Major lurker needs opinion for girl!

I've been lurking for a couple of year in various boards but rarely post! With 5 weeks left until our second daughter arrives via csection, meaning I'll be too loopy to make make a decision at birth, we are struggling with a name. Our dd1 is Livia Mae. I LOVE her name. FN is rare despite its obvious connection to the popular Olivia names, yet very historical. We receive tons of compliments and it fits her!
Our current name choices for dd2 are:
Myla Elise
Elise Juliette
I think my husband prefers Myla as he thinks it flows better with our last name. My feeling is nothing flows with our last name, lol! Long Polish name with all barely any vowels! He also likes that it is less popular, but he will give into anything I like. i don't want him to just settle. I found that the name Myla dates back to the early 1900's.
I think I tend to prefer the classical Elise, but we do have a 2nd cousin with this name see maybe once a year and we are trying very hard to avoid duplicate names within the families.

Feedback? Thank so much in advance.

Re: Major lurker needs opinion for girl!

  • I love love love Livia.  I just had to say that first :-)


    I like Elise Juliette more than Myla.  I think it fits better in genre and feeling with Livia.  Myla will be with a sea of Milas (mee-luh) as she grow up.  That association makes it feel more trendy to me.  

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  • what happens to punctuation on this site? I swear I have appropriately placed commas in my post!
    PP I do have a minor fear of the myla/mila connection as well. Mila is so popular. I'm afraid she often be assumed to be a Mila with a unique spelling. But I can get over that. With Livia I knew we would always have people thinking she is "Olivia." Sometimes we do, but I have always felt that those who need to know her name will. Teachers, family, friends, etc. I could really care less if the crazy old woman at the grocery store misunderstands her name! Lol!
  • I really like Livia too, I think both Myla and Elise pale in comparison...sorry. I do really like Juliette Elise though, I think Juliette is a little more in Livia's lane so to speak.
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  • First glance I prefer Elise, but now that I'm thinking about it I really kind of like Myla, although I agree you'll probably get a lot of ppl assuming it's supposed to be Mila, but if that doesn't bother you, go for it. Either way they're both nice names. GL deciding.
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  • image TripMomma:
    I really like Livia too, I think both Myla and Elise pale in comparison...sorry. I do really like Juliette Elise though, I think Juliette is a little more in Livia's lane so to speak.

    I agree with all of this.

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  • Thanks for all your feedback...we like Juliette as well but there's a good friend of the family with a similar name and a huge portion of the family will assume that we named her after the friend as an honor, which would truly
    make NO sense but we would
    never be able to convince them of that and I would be annoyed by it! Ha!
  • I prefer Elise Juliette, very classic and feminine. Not a fan of Myla TBH. 

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  • I'm actually not a big fan of Elise. I, however, like Myla and Juliette.

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  • Elise Juliette.
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  • I love Livia. Do not care for Myla. Elise sounds much better with Livia. I think Livia and Myla sound too similar with the A endings.

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  • I like both! But kind of leaning more towards Myla

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  • I like Elise Juliette a little more, but Myla Elise is pretty too.

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  • I prefer Elise, but Myla is beautiful too! Can't go wrong!
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  • I really like Elise Juliette.

    Myla looks off to me, but I love Mia, which has a similar feel, I think.

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  • ObLaDiObLaDi
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    Livia is beautiful!

    I like Elise best, both independently and in the sibset. Myla always strikes me as containing a trendy y even though I know it's the normal spelling of the name. 

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  • Livia is great.  Myla and Elise are really nice too.

    How about Anya?  I think it is so pretty, and you avoid the Mia/Mila issue.  


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  • elise juliette


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  • I don't like Myla at all... It sounds made up. You could do "Mila". Elise is okay, but NMS. A little too simple for me.
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  • ZimgerZimger
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    I prefer Elise. 

    I think Livia and Elise make a great sib set. 

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  • I LOVE Myla!
    someone with a love for names :)

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  • I prefer Elise to Myla.


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  • I love Elise. I wanted to use it as a MN for my daughter, but fiance vetoed it. I also really like Myla though, so I don't think I'm much help in deciding. ;)

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  • I like both Myla and Elise.  I agree that Elise goes better with Livia, but I think I like like Myla better on its own.  Either way, nice names!  I think I'm the only one here who doesn't care for Juliette...
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