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Night leak issue, side sleeper

I am posting this for a friend. She has a little girl with very skinny legs and average size waist. However she sleeps on her side. To use only 5 months old and she has felt this way for quite some time. She consistently has weeks. She has tried prefolds. RaR with a micro fiber insert and doubled with a Thirsties hemp insert, joeybunz insert. but no matter what she still keeps getting.leaks. do you have any suggestions for this poor mama? Her little girl has severe eczema so wool will not work. Thanks
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Re: Night leak issue, side sleeper

  • sometimes adding extra inserts for absorption create even bigger gaps in the legs...causing the leaks.  Is she leaking out the leg and the inserts are completely soaked? If they're not completely soaked, maybe it's not an absorbancy issue, just gaps in the leg holes. 

    OT: for the severe eczema, steer that mama toward homemade goat milk lotion.  I swear it's been a lifesaver for many people I've met-does not sting at all like some of the prescriptions, has no steroid in it, and inexpensive.  

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  • We do fitteds w/ wool for DS, who is also a side sleeper with skinny legs and skinny waist, and he also has eczema. The wool does not exacerbate the eczema, but every baby is different. 

    The key is to look for a really soft wool. Merino is pretty widely available. I'm currently knitting a soaker made of bluefaced leicester. I think I've heard of people repurposing cashmere sweaters into soakers. If you can find a soft enough wool, it shouldn't cause the skin to itch ... unless the person in question has a true allergy to lanolin, which can happen but I understand is very rare.

    If your friend does not want to use wool, she could just use a regular PUL cover over a fitted. I have used PUL on occasion when I have to lanolize my wool and I only had one and it needed a night or two to dry. I have found that fitteds catch pee better than any other type of diaper when DS is sleeping on his side.  

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    I second trying fitteds.  They are awesome for side/tummy sleepers.  Any PUL cover or even just an unstuffed pocket that fits well can be used over them if you want to avoid wool.
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