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Leaving LO overnight

Has anyone left LO overnight with family yet? I wonder when we will be ready for this.... I am so looking forward to the day when DH and I can have a date night and come home to a whole night alone. Feel like we need to rekindle a bit....and then sleep! 

Re: Leaving LO overnight

  • We haven't yet but are going to a wedding later this month. I'm probably going to be a mess!!!!
  • We did at 8 weeks with my mom, who is the only person I trust. Went to spend the night in San Antonio which is about 3 hours away, it was great but I missed her. Nice to have a little break though! 
  • We have a couple times. But the girls were already sleeping through the night and I didn't leave until they were already sleeping and then they woke up to me.
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  • I wish but not ready. We went out last night for our second date night. It was a concert so this was a bit later and picking LO up at almost midnight wasn't great. Having to wake her up to get her in the carseat, etc.

    I told DH I'd feel better once her schedule is a bit more routine and she sleeps a little longer at night.
  • It will be a long time before this happens. Lol
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  • We left Ava overnight for a wedding when she was five months old. It'll be harder this time, since it's a bigger favor to ask my parents to watch both kids and Mila is EBF, whereas Ava was a mix of bf and formula at that point. H and I are planning a big baby-free vacation next spring though! 
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  • image RussianMommy:
    It will be a long time before this happens. Lol

    Yep very long time!
    We don't have any family near by.
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    It will be a long time before this happens. Lol

    Same! A lonnnnng time!



  • Not even close to ready yet! Which is so crazy because by the time my twins were 3 months old they had stayed overnight at least half a dozen times. But, we were so much younger, there were two of them, I wasn't breastfeeding, and I feel like I've just grown up a lot as a mom and am not as dependent in our families. Oh and also we've had so many losses that I've since developed a complex about leaving this little guy haha! We have been on dates, but it will be a loooong time before I'm ready for an overnight.
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  • We went away for three nights. It was A-MAZ-ING. I missed him, but it was wonderful. The only bad thing was that my religious pumping boosted my milk supply to the point that I am completely out of storage. 
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  • DS was 6 mos before we even went on a date let alone overnight. He was probably 16 mos or so the first time we left him over night at my ILs. I expect about the same with DD as I EBF and can't seem to pump anything.
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  • Just got back from a two night rafting trip. LO was with his grandparents.

    I missed him. But it was awesome.
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  • I know we will the end of Aug - she will be 4 mo. We might before then, and i am ready. My sister is ready to take both overnight now but as a courtesy i would want DD to sleep all night if she has both.
  • We did at 6 weeks - left her with my mom. It was my birthday and our first date night. It was hard and I called several times, but it was nice to come home and be able to sleep in the next morning.

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  • twice so far. LO is 12 weeks. each time i missed her, but enjoyed the free time 

  • We did it for the first time this last Saturday for our anniversary. It was only an hour away for about 24 hours, but it was a fabulous break! Left him with my mom and they had a good time. He's 13 wks.
  • It took me until DD1 was about 19 months to leave her overnight...I fear it will be much longer until that happens again lol Like pp said, asking someone to stay overnight with 2 is a much bigger deal and DD2 is EBF. Not to mention, she's still up a few times every night.
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