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My baby hates her car seat

My LO is almost 5 mo old. All my family lives 30-35 min away. Since her second car ride (her first being from the hospital) she screams at the top of her lungs anytime we have to drive anywhere. Even if its a five minute drive to the grocery store. Everyone had said she will get used to it. I've put her in her carseat while we are at home and she's ok for a few min. She cries the entire 30 minute trip to and from grandmas. I always think she will cry herself to sleep...but no chance. I am so flustered because she screams like something hurts her, and when we get home she is completely soaked head to toe in sweat. I've checked both carseats over (yes I bought another) because I thought maybe the first one had something wrong with it. I have anxiety at just the thought so I usually end up staying in a lot. Anyone else's LO experience this? Any suggestions are appreciated... 

Re: My baby hates her car seat

  • Are you dressing her too warmly?  My daughter gets warm in the car seat even in a onesie and that can make them really uncomfortable. 
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    Are you dressing her too warmly?  My daughter gets warm in the car seat even in a onesie and that can make them really uncomfortable. 

    Same here. We started stripping LO down to just a onesie in the seat and she likes it so much more now. 


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  • DD2 did this until a week ago when out of necessity, we moved her carseat to the middle--next to her sister.  Bam, like magic, the car crying stopped.  DH and I think she might have been lonely.  In the prior setup, the carseats were far enough apart that DD2 could not see DD1.  Now thAt she can, she is much happier.  So much so that we too an unprecedented 2 hour car ride with no tears!  We have noticed that she is gets upset at home if she can't see me of us, so it makes sense that it might have been what was bothering her in the car.
  • My first LO hated the car. We couldnt figure it out. She screamed everywhere we went, the whole way. We moved her into a convertible seat at 4 months, hoping it would help. We gave her toys, bottles of water to sip on, sang her songs, sat back there with her so she could see one of us. Nothing worked. It kept on until she was turned around FF at 11 months. Yes we did it early because the screaming was getting worse....Once she was FF it improved 10 fold.

    Now that she is almost 5, she tells us how riding in the car gives her a headache and makes her dizzy. She will even throw up on long road trips or if we are on a curvy road for too long.

    Maybe your LO gets car sick?

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  • We play ungodly loud white noise on YouTube and it works. If we stop Jacob looses his mind and won't calm down until he is removed from the seat. He doesn't cry as hard now that he is in a covertible seat and can see better but we still play the music. You can try a video I posted a while back called baby got colic.

    Sorry you are dealing with this as it is so frustrating. I hope you find something that works.
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  • Ah I'm sorry, my LO also hates the car seat and it makes me completely flustered driving when he's screaming and hysterical. He was finally gotten okay with 5 minute car rides, and he does better now if someone sits in the back with him. I think he gets lonely. We are planning to switch to a convertible seat soon, I am hoping that helps. I want to keep him rear facing for as long as possible, but it will be hard to stick to that if turning him front facing will make him stop crying.

    For longer car rides, I always time it for when he is ready for a nap. Have you tried that? Maybe you could rock her to sleep in the car seat at home first and then pop it into the car?


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