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When can we take our baby home??

My boyfriend and I had our baby girl on 6/25/2013 at 9:22 am. She wasn't due until 7/25/2013 so she was a month early. She weighed 5 lbs. exactly and is a healthy baby girl. She's a preemie so she needed help breathing through a tube and had to take antibiotics for 7 days. She's still at the hospital and making a lot of progress. She only needs to maintain her weight and be able to nipple feed at all of her feedings with out using her feeding tube. She does good most of the time with taking her food in herself but shes still having a little bit of a time eating all of it and sometimes she won't eat much at all. Has anyone ever had their baby premature that had any adivce?How long did your baby stay in the NICU? And did he or she have the same problems with learning how to feed on their own??

Re: When can we take our baby home??

  • I have no advice, but hoping she gets to come home soon and Congrats.
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    I don't have advice except to mention that there's also a Preemie board that you may find helpful.
    Hope all goes well for you and LO.

  • I suggest the Preemies board...
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  • There's a preemies board that would probably be a lot more helpful with this.

    edit: like everyone else just said lol. I must be super slow at typing. 

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  • We had the same issues with our DD. she was 10 weeks early and was off of all breathing apparatus about 3.5 weeks after she was born, but getting her to feed took forever. She couldn't even try until 35 weeks gestational age and it took her until nearly 39 weeks to get it. Se came home about a week and 2 days before her EDD, which is common for preemies, many come home close to their due dates. She ended up in the NICU for nine weeks even. 

    Dont worry, your baby girl will get it, once they fully get the suck swallow breathe reflex down, it just clicks! Good luck, I hope you can get off the NICU roller coaster soon!

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  • DS was 5wks early and had very similar problems. I'm assuming she was on a canula for oxygen and not an actual breathing tube? Or if she was on a breathing tube they gave her surfactant?

    As for the nippleing, how often does she nipple and how often does she gavage or take through the tube? And what is your hospitals policy on nippleing to go home? That plays a big role in when she will come home. DS had to take 2oz or more in a bottle for 48 consecutive hours before he could come home. He was in the hospital for 24 days.

    Discuss all these things with your neonatologist or nurse practitioner. They can talk to you about what needs to be archived before she can be discharged. A nurse may even be able to answer your questions.

    Hope that helped. And Hoping your DD can come home soon!

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  • dont know much about this but just wanted to say that i hope you can bring dd home soon. that would be hard. good luck with everything
  • I dont have any answers for you but wanted to say congrats and good luck to you!
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  • I have no real advice to give, FTM...except to stay strong...Sending good vibes to you and LO for a fast recovery
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  • Lurking from June 2013. I had my twins 7 1/2 weeks early. My daughter was in the nicu for 25 days and my son for 35 days. Eating was by far the longest part. Ours had to eat 75 of their bottles by mouth for 2 days. Then they had to eat on demand for 2 days while still gaining weight. The nicu is a hard place to be and I hope you get to take your baby home soon!
  • I don't have any words of wisdom, but congrats and I hope you get to take her home soon. 
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