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Do your lo like the water?? Lucas has a blast playing in it. We spent the day at my grandmas lake and I put Lucas in one of those floaters that's like their own raft that their legs go though, he loved it. Although he kept putting his face in to drink the lake, silly boy. My older two had a blast too. All and all a great day to play in the water!
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Re: Swimming

  • I just bought Fifi her first bathing suit today. Hoping to get to her grandparents pool this week.

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  • Likes swimming, but LOVES the splash pad. I think she likes the splashing water better. Even when she's in the tub it's a splash fest.
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    The first time she didn't like it. Just a few days ago I put her in a little kiddie pool next to the big pool just get her used to that. Once she realized how fun the kiddie pool was she wanted in the big pool so badly. I put her in the same floatie you have and she probably would have stayed in all day. I'm trying to keep consistent with it. She does hate the ocean water but I can't blame her!
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  • We tried a couple of times over the4th week and she screamed almost the whole time.

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  • He loves bath time but isn't a huge fan of the lake, although every time we go he does better and better. He hates being cold!

    We try every day at the lake a little more so I think by the end of summer he will love it. Hopefully anyway haha
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    DD loves the water and always has. She'll go in even when the water is super cold. She's starting "swimming" lessons on Saturday. That should be fun.
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  • We have a pool and We took DS in for the first time yesterday. We held him at first and he LOOOOOVED it. We have one of those spring floats for toddlers and he didnt enjoy that nearly as much as when we held him. I am trying to find a vest with the float behind the head as well because I think he'd like that much more.
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  • He loves it! He loves the hot tub which we have set to 98, so the first time he went in the ocean he was saying ooh ooh, because he was cold, even though it was warm, but just not 98! Today he got to play in the hose and had a blast!
  • Cortlan LOVES the pool. We went for the 1st time over the weekend and she had a blast. 
  • We have a pool and DD absolutely loves going in. We took her a few times last summer when she was itty bitty, but now she really enjoys it. If we are outside she often points at the pool and when asked if she wants to go swimming responds excitedly and bounces up and down.

    We started Infant Rescue Swim Lessons last week so she will have a lesson every M-F for the next 4-6weeks. She screams during the lessons, but I can already tell they are working. She kicks her legs and reaches for the pool edge and can hold herself up out of the water on the edge of the pool.

    I highly encourage people to check out the ISR program, especially if you or a family member has a pool, or you spend a lot of time around beaches/lakes. (

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