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We like this name but not you think Harris as a nn would stick? Is Harrison too trendy? Help!

Re: Harrison?

  • I feel lie parents set any NN that will stick with their kids! So Harris would probably be the nn if that's what you asparents used! Also, I'm Midwest and I don't think it's too trendy at all
  • I went to school with a Harrison and it was never shortened. We always called him Harrison. He is in his mid 20s now and the name has aged very well with him.
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  • I adore Harrison. If DH and I have a boy, that's our number one choice. I think Harris would stick. I don't think it's trendy.
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  • Why can't he just be called Harrison? The ones I know go by their full name.

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  • I like Harrison.  I don't think he has to have a nn at all if you don't want it.  Otherwise, Harris is fine!
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  • I knew a Jefferson who only goes by Jefferson, so I would think a Harrison could get away with only being Harrison. And I think Harris would work as an alternative to Harry.
  • Harrison is nms. But I definitely think if you call him Harris that would be his nn. I usually call kids by whatever the parents call them.
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  • DS mn is Harris because it was my maiden name. I love it! I definitely think if you want to call him Harris you could.
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  • We have a Harrison and call him Harry as a nn.  At first we were adamant that we wouldn't call him Harry, but it's just so quick and easy to just kinda happened.

     We've gotten more comments about the name Harry.  It fits our sons impish personality so well.  And now days people associate the name with Harry Potter, Prince Harry. and Harry Styles.  

    Whatever you call your DS, it's a great name! 

  • I love the name Harrison, it would be on our list if it wasn't so bad with our last name. Harris would have been the nn we went with too, I think if you use it enough and insist on it you will be able to leave Harry in the dust. I don't care for Harry either.

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  • I love the name Harrison! It's on our list of potential boy names. I agree with you, we would use the nn Harris. Harry is too common for my liking!
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