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*PIP* Ladies! Come laugh at my creation!

First off, let me preface this by saying that this thing was so not built for beauty! It was made with scrap pieces of a fabric I like to call "old lady curtains" :P

(There is no real reason to this post other than AW)
(Also, I tried to make all pictures clicky so you can see them bigger if you like, not sure if it worked)
Anyways, I was having some issues with my Garanimals velcro SwaddleMe.
First was that Josie seemed to grow too big overnight. Not for the swaddle, but for me to hold her up against my chest while her legs were forced straight in the swaddle.
Second was that she learned to bust out of the d*mn thing, like so many others have reported... which, of course, led to sleepless nights.

Well here is my solution, Ladies, I give you: Frankenswaddle!


I took the idea for the bottom from this thing called the "ZipadeeZip" (Which I found because of kbates85. Thank you! The zippy wasn't a complete success for nights here but is awesome for naps)
Now I can hold Baby to my chest and she will wrap her legs around me instead of being forced to hold them straight down. This freedom of legs does not cause her to sleep less.

The little squares of fabric are what I like to affectionately refer to as "baby handcuffs" lol. They don't squeeze her arms or anything, they only make it so she can't pull her arms to her chest and then break out from there. Same concept as the Anna & Eve Swaddle Strap.
(these pics were taken about 3 days ago and I have since made her "baby cuffs" more spacious and have also cinched the extra fabric up by her neck so it is more snug on her shoulders)

Now she can't escape and sleeps for an 11-hour stretch at night! Woo!

So what do you ladies think? Is this thing just ridiculous? Or would you do something similar faced with the same issues?

Also, because I'm already here, this is one of many diaper covers I made while pregnant and it finally fits her properly so I just want to show it off :)
I'll be the first to admit, the ruffles may be a tad overboard, lol.

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Re: *PIP* Ladies! Come laugh at my creation!

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