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Can we talk about naps?

DD just turned 7 months old, and I'm curious when/how her nap schedule is going to change.  Right now she's typically sleeping 7:30pm until 6am (when we wake her to start the day).

We've been doing 2 hour wake times for quite awhile now, and she usually naps 3 times during the day.  Usual naps are:

8:30ish until 10/10:30ish

12ish until 1:30ish

3:30/4ish until 5ish

Sometimes we have a hard time with nap #3, and if she isn't having it after 20-30 minutes, then she's down for the night around 6:30pm because she hasn't napped in so long.  This has been the case 1-2 times per week for the past 3 weeks... Just thinking she might be trying to get rid of that nap.

Is anyone already down to 2 naps per day?  Should we try to push her wake times to 3 hours to encourage 2 longer naps and a slightly earlier bedtime?  Or just continue to let her take the lead? 


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Re: Can we talk about naps?

  • We only get 2, maybe 3 naps a nay. She should be sleeping 12 hours at night. So, maybe try an earlier bedtime. If you wake at 6am, then put her to bed at 6pm. Like, we got to bed at 10pm and wake at 10am.
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  • My LO turns 7 months in 10 days and is starting to transition. If she has good long naps then she has 2 and goes to bed a half hour earlier. If she isn't napping well she will usually have 2 very short naps and then a third good nap that pushes her bedtime back to the old time or a little late. DH and I don't have a set schedule (his work days/times are random) so Im following her lead right now. It makes planning things difficult though because I can't guess when she'll be napping. I'm hoping it all settles out over the next month.
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  • image Nana_Osaki06:
    We only get 2, maybe 3 naps a nay. She should be sleeping 12 hours at night. So, maybe try an earlier bedtime. If you wake at 6am, then put her to bed at 6pm. Like, we got to bed at 10pm and wake at 10am.

    We only get 2 naps.   She goes to bed about 10 or 10:30 and is up  at 10 or 1030. SHe would probably sleep until 11 or 12 if I let her though. 

    I've been reading posts and thought  I was terrible for letting her stay up so late, so i'm glad that i'm not the only one!!! 

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  • We do two naps and sometimes a quick 3rd if we've had a long and busy day but usually just two hours in the morning and after noon
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  • I found a schedule that said at 6 months they should get 11 hours at night and 3.25 during the day.
    My lo is only up 2 hours before she starts rubbing we eyes. If we keep her up more than 2 hours her naps aren't any longer sadly.
    We're still having goofy issues here though.
    I'd keep just following her lead and when she's ready to transition you will jnow
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  • She's starting the transition. I think it'll be a month or more until she's down to two daily though. Some days she just needs three yet.

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  • Connor is in bed @ 8 pm. Usually sleeps without any wake ups till 6 am. Nap @ 8-8:30 for about an hour. Then around noonish goes down for about 2 hours,then about a 30-45 minute nap around 4-4:30. We have tried earlier bedtimes,later bedtimes and it doesn't matter,he is up at 6 am no matter what.
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  • Dd has never taken 3 naps. She sleeps 12 hours or so at night and takes a 2-2.5 hour nap around 3 hours after she wakes up or so. Occasionally she will go back down for maybe an hour around 4. 
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