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Oh lordy...

I've got a thumbsucker!!  Ugghhh what to do?!  DD never sucked her thumb until she started daycare (not sure if she saw another kid doing it, or if one of the daycare workers put her thumb in her mouth to get her to fall asleep).  But now she's addicted and won't stop.  It's a constant struggle.  

 Part of the reason I'm so worried is because I have a cousin that sucked her thumb well into her teens (maybe even late teens?) and her teeth were totally f-ed up as a result.  Also, a friend mentioned a niece of hers will not go to sleepovers because she's embarrassed that other kids will see her sucking her thumb.  

 Have any of you ever had this problem?  How did you fix it?  

Re: Oh lordy...

  • Umm I hate to admit this in public, but I may have sucked my thumb until I was 10ish.  I have great teeth and never had to get braces.  It did deterr me from going to sleepovers and I was ridiculed by my older sister, but I think I'm a fairly well adjusted adult with a job and a mortgage : P
  • I thought you posted this especially for me! :( 

    no big experience since DD sucks on everything (including me), but I'm sure it will pass. I'm kinda in the "let them do whatever they want now" camp, which I'm sure will bite me in the assss hard very soon.  

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  • I'm not sure if this will make you feel better but my sister sucks her thumb (she's 23!) and her teeth are great. In fact, she's the only thumb sucker out of 4 kids and the only one that didn't need braces. So, personally, I think the whole teeth thing has more to do with your genes then thumb sucking. 
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