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lost his 1st tooth

my son is 4 and he lost his first baby tooth yesterday. my step son hit him in the month with a body board in the pool. and he came really loose and durning the night he said he wiggled it and it came out and then he lost it out side in grass(last night was our planned camping out night in the back yard. 

I am wondering if this is normal to be so young to have this happen?  

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Re: lost his 1st tooth

  • My son lost his first baby teeth in preschool; he was just 5.
  • There is never a normal age to have a tooth knocked out! But four is old enough that some kids lose then naturally. He might have to wait a while to get the next one but it might come in sooner than it would if it was not knocked out. When you say SS knocked it out what was going on? Was your DS instigating at all and was SS being violent and hitting him on purpose or was he filling around?
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  • DS1 is 5.5 (will be 6 in September), we were playing innocently and I don't know if his tooth was loose or not but it got yanked out by accident.  We made a big deal being excited about it (he's overly sensitive and emotional so if we made it anything negative he would've carried that with him for every lost tooth).  Our neighbor across the street will be 6 in October and she's been losing teeth for months naturally. 

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  • I know of a couple of kids whose baby teeth were prematurely knocked out accidentally like this.  The big tooth just grows in whenever it would have grown in.

    My DD dropped and lost a tooth once, and she was unable to put it under her pillow.  My DS accidentally swallowed one.  I just had them write a note to the tooth fairy and explain what happened.  The "tooth fairy" wrote back and left money! 

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  • I don't know if it's normal for kids to lose baby teeth early because they get knocked out, but it definitely happens.  DS knocked out one of his top front teeth a few days after he turned 4.  The dentist said that he expects his permanent tooth to come in when he's about 6, so he'll be toothless in that spot for a couple of years.  The dentist also said that his other front tooth was slightly loose (DH and I couldn't tell).  The dentist thought the loose tooth would be fine and it has been almost 5 months and so far so good. 
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