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first words?

when did your LO start really turning those babbles into real words (words that you count as 'real')

our DD was always early to learn all of her developmental milestones. been walking like a champ since 11 months, but except for saying 'git git' (kitty) once, and grangpa once, DD really hasn't 'said' any other words. she babbles like a mad man, and is learning more sounds, she has the 'N' and 'G' going now, along with 'D' 'M' and 'A'. so she is doing more sounds, but not really words, at least not on a regular basis.

so when did your LO start really turning those babbles into words?


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Re: first words?

  • I don't really remember when but the words will explode soon I'm sure. I really just wanted to comment on how stinking adorable "grangpa" is. I lol'd literally on that just now.
  • I think DS is on the verge of the language explosion. He currently says mama, dada, bahbebaby, bye bye, ba babottle and mimics the sounds of what we're saying. Itold the dog to move it move it, kinda singing it to the dog and DS said what sounded clear as day move it! I also was singing ice ice baby to him while giving him ice chips and he mimicked icesh icesh bahbe. So, it's starting. I think another 2months will bring a lot more words.




  • DS was on the late end of talking. He said his first real word at 16 months. It was concerning to me and we did have an EI evaluation (he was delayed, but not enough for services). 

    2 months after he started talking he had over 50 words in his vocabulary, so it all evened out. Most of what he says now isn't legible to other people, but he's very consistent with his pronunciations so I'm not worried about his speech anymore.  

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  • My DD is almost 17 months, and I'm only starting to make them out now. She's only said the odd word here and there before this. In the last couple of days, I figured out four of her babbles "Where are you going?", "What are you doing?", "I want some milk." and "What's that?". I feel like she's been saying these things for a while, but it's only now that they sound exactly what they should sound like. :)
  • I think my DS is on the early end of language development. (He's been behind on some other things like mobility.) His first words (besides mama and papa) were ball (ba) and car (ca). I don't remember exactly when he started using them .... maybe around 12 months? Anyway, he's definitely had a word explosion within the past month. I think language development comes in spurts. 
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  • DS is almost 15 months old and saying almost a new word every day.  That's just been going on about a week.  The words I can understand clearly are Mama, Dada, bye, hey, hello, milk, up, hat, mouth, hair, nose, eye, blue for blueberry, mess, go, gone, night and maybe one or 2 more. 
  • My DD is almost 20 months and is starting to talk more.  She still babbles a lot and much of what she says we can't understand but she can say several animal sounds, she can say mama, dada, la-la (her name is Leah), ba-beee (baby), and then kitty, doggy, ducky, teddy, and monkey are all the same word.  She also has a handful of signs that she does regularly.  I've noticed that just in the past couple weeks she's been much more vocal and says what she actually means.  
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  • At almost 21 months he still only has a small handful. He's delayed, but not extreme.

    At a year, he had about 2 words. 3 or 4 around 18 months and now I would say he's closer to 10. He can do animal sounds, hot, bye, bad [can you tell we have dogs haha!] and a few other simple words.


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