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Natural dryer sheets?

Has anyone seen any natural dryer sheets? Preferably unscented. I couldn't find anything at my local Target. I use natural/Eco-friendly laundry detergent, but I feel like I'm ruining it with my Bounce Free & Clear dryer sheets.

Re: Natural dryer sheets?

  • I don't think you can find it. The only similar alternative can be wool dryer balls. You can made them and put some lavender or roses at the beginning of making the ball,then put some essential oil,and you have a nice dryer ball.

    they are very easy to made. You can check some videos at you tube,and the yard wool you can get it at Joan's .

    good luck. 

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  • We use seventh generation :
  • image Luvofmylife3:
    We use seventh generation :

    This is what we use too although they seem to curl up. Dryer balls are great for softening but I don't know how well they work with static cling which is what we're trying to reduce!

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  • I get them from Honest Company online.
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  • I have heard that tennis balls work well for softening clothes in the dryer and reducing static cling, but I haven't tried it personally. Anyway, here is an article for a few homemade fabric softeners if you're up for a little DIY.

  • Mrs . Meyers has a great line of products as well
  • I have heard you can use a rolled up ball of tin foil for static?
    I have never seen dryer sheets in my country, and have personally never had much of a problem with static.
    I do however wash and dry similar fabrics together eg. Towels, work clothes which are cotton etc. so maybe that helps?
    I did notice today a microfiber cloth and a pillowcase got in the same wash, and they were nearly stuck together with so much static! So maybe it does make a big difference.
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    Aluminum foil balled up. I saw it on tv last week and if you want scent you can put cloves inside.
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