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DH likes this name and its really growing on me, doesn't seem too popular and I like the nn Bastian.

Beth 38 & DH 39, TTC since Nov 2011 but waiting since Aug 2007. Unexplained IF.

IVF w/ICSI #1 - Long Lupron protocol - July/Aug.

8/3: 20 Follicles, 8R, 7M, 3Fert.  3dt of 4 & 5 cell embryo's, none to freeze.

BFP 8/19! Beta #1: 201, Beta #2: 317, Beta #3 647, Beta #4 1,234

Twin girls Isla and Fiona born on 1/11/2014 @ 25w due to Cervical Incompetence. Isla passed away 5 days later, she will forever be in my heart. Fiona is still fighting, stay strong my love.

Re: Sebastian

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