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Ugh... Not impressed with local hospital

At around 1 this morning, I woke up with horrible cramping in my back. Once I started throwing up uncontrollably, we started getting concerned, so I ran over to the ER. I'd never really been there before, since I delivered at a hospital about an hour away. I'm superly unimpressed. After sitting there for four hours, they couldn't find anything, so they gave me vicadin for the pain and told me to follow up with my GP in three to five days. My favorite part was the three times I pressed the nurse button bc my IV had stopped, and nobody came in. Isn't that what that button is for?

Since then, we've decided it was likely food poisoning since I'm also having lower GI issues too and that I probably didn't really need to go, but at the time it was scary. Anyone want to guess how much my unsatisfactory stay will cost me?



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Re: Ugh... Not impressed with local hospital

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