bottle rejection?

S is going to be 9 weeks old tomorrow and we're thinking she might be starting to reject her bottle. Last night for her MOTN feedings she only ate 2 oz when she normally would eat about 3. Then, this morning she flat out refused to eat from the bottle that DH was trying to give her so I could sleep in some, but once I offered her my boob she ate happily so we know she was hungry. S requires supplemental formula since I have a low supply and will be starting daycare in a few weeks so we really need her to keep eating from the bottle.

Anyone have any ideas on what might be going on and/or what we can do to keep her eating from the bottle?


Re: bottle rejection?

  • She might just be teething or missing mama. Keep offering the bottle but don't stress about it. Your DCP should be able to work with her. My DS refused a bottle when we tried it at home but got the hang of it at DC. GL!
  • My DD did the same thing. For the first week and a half she would refuse her morning bottles, but would end up really hungry and take them in the afternoon. I'm off for a couple if months again and DH tried to give her a bottle yesterday and she refused. When I start back to work in August, I'm sure my babysitter will have the same issues. Hopefully it goes quicker this time. GL to you!
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