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For All You Stm's Out There, are you feeling as though you are growing a little faster this time? i'm 9 weeks 1 dayand feel like my shorts are getting snug! I didnt feel like this until around 1214 weeks last time...
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Re: STM...showing?

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    I'm a FTM, but my jeans had definitely gotten too tight.  I know it's not the baby yet, so it's probably all the extra carbs I'm consuming.
  • TTM here. 8w5d...and snug pants. Feel extra nauseous if I don't unbutton my pants.
  • Yes, STM and my pants are definitely snug and plan wearing maternity capris real soon
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  • They say second time around you pop much earlier since your body already stretched last time.

  • Totally. I am feeling a lot of pressure, I can't even sleep on my stomach anymore because my uterus gets sore, know what I mean? It's pretty cool though, last time I had no clue what I was feeling and now I love knowing what to expect etc
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  • I'm average build and already showing. I had a 10 month break from being pregnant and have diastasis recti, so it's pretty visible. Also, my fundus is abnormally high for this point.
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  • At my 8 week appt my OB could clearly feel my uterus above my pubic bone and then I clearly started showing about a week ago. Last time I didn't show until well after my anatomy scan so this is definitely different. I have worn my belly band many times already. I can't suck it in and my waist is still the same size, just a clear bump under my belly button. I hope I don't get ridiculously huge.

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  • I'm having the opposite problem. All my pants are getting looser! Ha!

    I do feel "heavier" in my abdomen and dislike pressure low across my abdomen.

    Both the loss and the pressure are the same as it was with my son. I didn't show till around 26 weeks with DS. I'll have to see with this baby.

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  • Yes! Much earlier than last time, I can't even button my regular pants. Good thing I have lots of comfy maternity clothes! 
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  • Yes!! I'm chunky so I'm not exactly 'showing' but I am tight in my pants for sure. I was telling DH he might have to go get my maternity pants and things out of storage already. I'm so bloated I feel like I can float away

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  • I have a very small frame and I just yesterday (at 9 weeks exactly) started to notice a little bump. It doesn't show unless I pull my shirt tight, though. 
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  • STM and I've been doing the hair tie trick for a couple weeks now. Pants are just too tight otherwise.

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  • My pants are getting a little snug and my close fitting shirts show a bigger belly. I'm avoiding those because I just look fat and not a pg belly. I carried really high with T and its looking that way again. T was so high, I could wear regular jeans with the belly band the whole time. That was nice!
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  • I definitely have a gas belly, but because everything was already stretched, it makes me look like I did at 4mo last time. I'm only like 7 wks. But I got out my maternity capris and wore them today... holy crap on a cracker are they comfortable. ;)
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  • Yup, with my first my pants didn't get tight until 10-12 weeks.  This time, I started to notice a defined "bump" at 8 weeks.  Not sure if it's actually my uterus, though, I tried to feel it yesterday and I don't think it's above my pelvic bone yet.  I'm hoping to hold off telling work until 13-15 weeks.  I guess we'll see how that goes.



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  • STM here in a bellaband. Already.
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  • I have a very noticeable bump. I have a tilted uterus and it's already above the pelvic bone. Sigh. 
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  • STM, im 8 weeks and nothing fits except my stretchy yoga pants or scrubs. I'm larger so I can't see a bump, but I'm sure it's somewhere under there lol. I definitely didn't have this prob for much longer last time

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