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? about mirena

I have had difficulty with a lot of hormonal BC options but my OB didn't think paragard was a good idea because I have really heavy periods too. She thinks Mirena will be fine for me, however I am nervous because I have had trouble with depression on BC before and it is a possible side effect of Mirena. Has anyone had this side effect with Mirena before? Or have you had it with the pill and then been successful with Mirena?
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Re: ? about mirena

  • Hi, I just wanted to say good luck. I've had trouble with depression on BC too; with Alesse and NuvaRing and it was awful. I hope you find something that works for you!

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  • I've been on HBC for 12 years more or less, 3 different types of combo pills, the mini pill, depo, and now mirena. I've had some history with depression and side effects on HBC. The mini-pill was probably the worst for me (long uncontrollable crying jags for the first 3 months until I got used to them). Depo wasn't too bad, but wasn't fun. I've been on Mirena since 8 weeks PP (LO is now 14 months, so that makes about a year on Mirena). I haven't noticed any depression except a spell about 2 months ago when I started weaning LO. Otherwise, I've liked Mirena, very light periods, still able to lose weight (I gained a bunch on Depo), and no other side effects I've noticed.
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