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DH feels useless

LO is 2 weeks old and going through his first growth spurt. DH usually gives him one bottle during the night so I can take a break and sleep extra. this bottle is every night, not just during growth spurt. LO refuses to be soothed by DH. if he gets him calmed down enough to try to take the bottle, LO just spits all of it back up and DH ends up bringing LO to me for breast feeding and to calm him. I feel so bad for DH bc he wants so badly to sooth his son and help mom get some extra winks but that hasn't happened the past 2 nights. anyone else experience this or have any tips? after the growth spurt will he take the bottle again?
side note, my DH is amazing and is up with me during every feeding bc he feels so bad that he can't help. I beg him to get sleep but he still gets up!

Re: DH feels useless

  • Your H sounds very sweet.

    Just have faith that this is a phase and babies, and toddlers, go through periods where they seem to prefer one parent to the other. Right now it's you but I'm sure your H will be back to soothing LO in no time.

    There are some nights here only I will do but the other night DS would not calm down for me. DH had the magic touch then, it turned out.

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  • You should put him in charge of tummy time! My hubs loves to do tummy time on his chest, and they both wind up asleep together. It's the sweetest thing and its helpful to me because I get a break as well.

    Make sure to give that man kisses!
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  • Sounds like what we do except we haven't given a bottle so DH feeds baby with a syringe. If baby isn't taking the bottle let your H help by setting up the feeding. He can have baby changed and hand him to you, maybe fix you a water and snack and then burp baby when the feedings over. If he was taking a bottle from H before he probably will again.
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    One trick I used with DD1 for her daycare transition was to have whoever was feeding her use a blanket that smelled like me. I slept on one of her blankets and the daycare provider would drape it over shoulder so DD1 would still be comforted by my smell.

    Good luck. Remember this is just a phase and it will pass!
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