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33w Growth Scan....getting to big now!!

I had another growth U/S to watch Emma breath and blow bubbles. Tech was super impressed as we also saw a tooth bud! The issue now seems to be the Dr thinks she is getting too big. They want me to watch my carb intake, and see if it helps. They also think she will come early...Oh my...but seeing her today was awesome. The tech felt bad for me cause she told me her head is basically using my bladder as a pillow...explains a lot

Re: 33w Growth Scan....getting to big now!!

  • man, I haven't seen my babe in 10 weeks now. I almost wish my practice did growth or position scans. 
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  • Did they say how much she weighed? At 33w I had a growth scan and baby weighed 6lbs1oz 92nd percentile. Doctors weren't concerned.
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  • I passed my GD test, but just barely they say...and I have issues processing carbs, some of which they link to my lack of a gall bladder. I do not consume a lot of sweets, and to be honest, not a lot of carbs either. I have gained only 16lb the whole pregnancy. They did not tell me how much she weighed, but both DH and myself were big babies when we were born...I go back in a month for another growth scan...but the good news is no more NST's!

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