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Anyone have any ideas what foods to give a nearly 8month old and she has been on solids since 4 months. She likes most things and seems to chew pretty well havent had any issues with any food yet. I am running out of ideas what to give her as she seems to not be intrested in puree as much. She seems to like eating things she can hold and I also started giving her thicker porridge and she loves that. She doesnt have any teeth yet but 1 is on its way out. I guess its just a worry knowing what things I can give her.

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  • Many of us do not do purees at all. My child has zero teeth as well and has tried many things. Last night he had baked potatoes, asparagus, and watermelon. All not in puree form, but cut into fingers. Give your child what ever your eating as long as it's healthy and with no salt. Vary your diet too so they try a complete range of foods.
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  • Doing it that way I was worried she wont eat enough. My girl has a big appetite :
  • With finger foods the child decides what and how much to eat. So if she has a big appetite she'd eat the same amount or more. My 6.5 month old can pack away her favourites (eat a bigger portion than me if I let her) but just nibbles at other things. Like pp said, you can give any healthy, low salt food, teeth don't matter. The only thing they really can't have at that point is honey.
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  • I make a lot of crock pot things which seem to work well for her since it gets the food really tender. Yesterday I made this Asian chicken thing and I gave her chicken, peas, and carrots from it. Maybe look into some crock pot meals with a range of meat, veggie ingredients that way you can just feed her from your plate rather than making something different.
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  • Our DS gets whatever we are having. Either in chunk form or finger slices or sometimes little pieces depending what it is.
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  • The Wholesome Baby Food website was so helpful to me in figuring out what to offer. They have tons of recipes and month-by-month guidelines for starting solids. They have food charts to print out that show appropriate foods from each food group and also information on food safety and nutrition. Check it out!
  • As PPs said, at this point, you can most certainly do self-feeding.  DS started refusing the spoon at 6.5months, so we switched to BLW-style foods.  Some meals he'll eat a ton, while others he won't.  Don't worry about it; at least I don't as DS gets majority of his calories and nutrients from breast milk.  

    For b'fast we do fruits: strips of mangoes, peach slices, whole or halved blueberries, quartered cherries,, kiwi slices.

    Lunch depends - sometimes I give him bread w/cheese, sometimes I spoon-feed him oatmeal + yougurt (this is the only thing he'll take in a spoon).

    Dinner is whatever we're having that night.  Obviously I have to give a bit of thought into it, making sure there is at least some soft food that he can eat.  couple of nights ago I made seafood paella and that was a huge hit w/DS.  On July 4th I made red/white/blue potato salad, caprese salad, plus seared sea scallops.  He ate every single thing.  Last night it was pasta with cauliflower and pesto.  Tonight I'm making caldo verde so he will be having potatoes and kale. 

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