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Have any of you used the mirena iud for bc? My 6 week appt is on the 15th and Dh and I decided we want to wait 2 to 3 years for the next one. I was on the pill for 10 years but I don't want to do that again. Does the mirena make you feel sick and gain weight etc?

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  • I had the mirena in between my second baby and this one. I didn't care for it. I got really bad cramps with my periods which were more spotting days than actually periods plus it lasted for like 2 weeks. That being said I am considering getting it again just so I don't do the pills anymore.
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  • OP, thanks for asking this question.  I can't go on the pill and my OB recommended an IUD.  The idea of it makes me uncomfortable so I'd love to hear from others who have actually tried it.
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    OP, thanks for asking this question. nbsp;I can't go on the pill and my OB recommended an IUD. nbsp;The idea of it makes me uncomfortable so I'd love to hear from others who have actually tried it.

    No prob! I'm the same way and my ob thinks its better for me also
  • I didn't like it. It caused pain, cramping and cervix pain. It also gave me acne and contributed to mood issues. Personally, I would not get it again.
  • I got it at 7 weeks pp last time and loved it and just got it put in again last week at 9 weeks pp. I have always had bad period cramping and thought it was slightly better with this. The pill was the best thing for my cramps. I did get a period with the mirena however as time went on it got lighter and lighter and when i got it out one and a half years later i just spotted for a couple days. My period was never any worse than it had been in tge past. Was not uncomfortable to get put in like i thought. The worst part for me is the speculum and the numbing spray she had used the first time so she didnt use this time. I love it! Dont have to worru about remembering to take it, no maintenance except for a check shortly after and then yearly checks. I met my deductible so it was covered 100 percent.
  • I had mirena between my second and this baby. I had it taken out after a year. I hated it! Increased. Migraines, mood swings, pelvic pain. I would not get it again!
  • I have not tried it so you can throw out my commentary if you will, but I can't justify the cost with my insurance considering that, if we do have another child, it would be within a year or two (sooner than later) to what Mirena would cover. KWIM? GL deciding. It's an awkward gap as far as BC is concerned. 

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  • I had one after my 2nd child.  I had no problems with it whatsoever.  No weight gain.  No acne, no mood swings.  I spotted for the first month after insertion and quickly my periods tapered off to nonexistent.  It SUCKED getting put in, but I never had any cervical dilation with DD.  My friends who had an IUD inserted after a vaginal birth said it wasn't bad.  I'm getting another one at my 8 week appointment.  


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  • I heard mirena can increase your flow and give bad cramps. I am going to try skyla, I believe its called. It also is only good for 3 years so sounds like good timing for you
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