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Maternity pics

I took maternity pictures tonight for four hours! It was fun! A friend took them and we have a really nice park with waterfalls, old mills, buldings and rose gardens. I was so impressed between her taking them and both of us using pinterest ideas! I had 4 outfits and prepared things like block letters, a frame, baby shoes and more! What a blast I totally recommend it! We took almost 500 pictures! And she was right take them now before I get miserable and not so cute! Anyone else take some?

Re: Maternity pics

  • We're having a friend take some next weekend, I hope they turn out as well as yours!

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  • I'm getting mine tomorrow! Since it's outside I'm hoping that I don't see any snakes and my horse cooperates.
  • Mine are next Saturday. I just can't imagine myself getting any bigger!!
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  • 2 more weeks until mine!  My best friend is taking them at the same location she took our engagement pictures, I'm so excited!  I hope I don't get TOO much bigger in the next 2 weeks though
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  • Sounds like you had a good time! I'm looking forward to ours this Saturday :)
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