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Help! Bedtime troubles

I am truly at a loss. My DD is 16 weeks old and bedtime has become a nightmare.  She started going down very easily and STTN at about 8-9 weeks.  Then around 13 weeks she started regressing. It has been almost a month of fighting to get her down and 2-4 wake ups during the night. We have had the same bedtime routine since she was 3 weeks. We've tried different bedtimes and its the same thing. I don't know what else to do. We started bedtime over 2 hours ago and my DH is currently trying to quiet her down again. Any advice is truly welcome!

Re: Help! Bedtime troubles

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    I don't have any advice but hang in there.  Mine is almost 18 weeks and just started something similar.  He was born two weeks early if that helps.  He used to go down great, used to maybe need a paci once.  Now takes about an hour to get him down, he wakes up once or twice.  He isn't eating on his "normal" schedule either.  I just assume it will work it self out.
  • My DS calms down and falls asleep soon after a bath.  Could you incorporate that into the bedtime routine?  Maybe a bath then a feeding?

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  • Look up the wonder weeks. This is totally normal. It sucks though!!
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    Look up the wonder weeks. This is totally normal. It sucks though!!

    I'll have to look into this too - OP we're struggling with the same thing! 

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    Look up the wonder weeks. This is totally normal. It sucks though!!

    Same thing that came to mind for me.

    Also, I'm not sure there's really such thing as "regressing" in terms of sleep patterns for infants. My son's pediatrician put us on warning that, as soon as he seems to set into a pattern, we should expect it to change. Boy, is that the truth. He had an entire week of sleeping from at least 7:30p-5:00a, then for three or four nights, he woke up every 1-2 hours. Last night he STTN, but who knows where he'll be tonight!


  • It's the four month wakeful period. Not looking forward to going through that again :/
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    It's the four month wakeful period. Not looking forward to going through that again :/

    Yeah, and it sucks. :( 

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  • My little guy has hated bedtime for a while, though it got worse a few weeks ago and might be starting to get better. Even naps are sometimes a battle. I think he is in the stage when he just wants to stay up and play with momma. As soon as I start nap or bedtime proceedings he gets worked up. He is also trying all his "tricks" to get me to play with him instead of soothing him to sleep. He will cry, talk to me and even laugh at me. The little bugger!

    And yep, he increased his night wakings for a while too. . . though I think those are settling down too (knocking on wood).

    It is exhausting, eh? By the time I get him sleeping, I am ready for a nap myself.

    ETA Forgot to include some advice. Although it seems a bit counter intuitive, sometimes it helps to distract him from the fact that we are trying to get him to sleep. Walking into another room with him, having him look at his mobile, talking quietly to him all often help him settle down a bit and nod off. Doesn't always work. . . but sometimes.

  • Just googled the Wonder Weeks.,.very interesting to hear about.

  • Since my son was colicky, sleep was always a battle. By the time he was 10 weeks old we were spending up to an hour or more trying to soothe him to sleep. We have had a bedtime routine since six weeks. It wasn't until I started following the sleep sense program, that my son now goes to bed and takes naps WILLINGLY! We are still working on lengthening the naps but he has made tremendous progress and I would highly recommend looking into it. On average he gets 14 hours of rest which is significantly more than the 11 hours he used to get.
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