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Full Formula Feed babies.......

Just wondering how many times a day your baby poo's......the consistency and colour too please Smile


also how much does your LO drink each day?


Im concerned about my LO who is 11 weeks old tomorrow and the amount and colour of his poo. Im not sure if i need to change formulas, we have had other issues too.



Re: Full Formula Feed babies.......

  • Regarding color, my doc said that as long as it is earth toned, she isn't concerned (ie, yellow, green, brown), and the only thing that really concerns her is red.

    Regarding frequency -- it depends.  Yesterday he stooled 3 times, today just once.  My doc also said that it is normal for them to go a few days without stooling sometimes.


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  • My DD typically goes once every morning, rarely twice. It's always yellowish in colour, and soft.

    I don't really keep track of the exact amount she eats in a day, but I would guess it's around 25-30 ounces every 24 hours. She weighs almost 11 lbs.

  • Well we use karo syrup for constipation so her poo is dark. she only poos like 3-4 times a week.
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    LO poops maybe once a day and its usually a greenish color. It has been thicker lately. Then there are days when she doesn't go at all. I have her on Similac advance. 3 to 4 oz every 3 to 4 hours. Her last bottle is around 10 and then she gets up around 6.
  • Normally just her overnight/am diaper is poo. Sometimes she'll have another, but usually just that one. She gets 4ish oz every 3ish hours but with STTN and "skipping" those feeds she usually ends up between 24 and 28 ounces per day.

    ETA now that I am EFF, it is more green than yellow and not as runny.
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  • LO's poop is usually some shade of light brown and usually very soft/not formed at all. He goes once a day in the morning, rarely twice unless the first was little. On an average day, he will eat about 30 oz give or take.

    We started with regular similac but have been on sensitive since about 6 weeks old for gas and reflux. he's on zantac now and that's made a world of difference!

  • My dd eats about 26 to 30 oz per day. Poo is about once or twice a day and brown to yellow and either very thin or like pb consistency. Color is not a concern at all. If its hard then you have an issue. We had to switch formulas for constipation.
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  • My chubber is 11 weeks tomorrow and was 14 lbs at her 2 month appt. She started EFF at 5 weeks. She typically poops once per day, the consistency of sticky oatmeal, and it is typically dark Forrest green, sometimes with yellow mixed in. She eats anywhere between 24 and 32 oz/ day.
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