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Crib/Sleep Success!!!

Oh my gosh I am so happy.

DD has been sleeping in the swing for months now due to reflux and I have been dreading getting her to the crib and sleep training.

I read Dr. Ferbers book and started on Monday this week. Started with bath, massage, song, nurse, crib. Woke three times overnight but nursed and went down ok each time. No crying, just awake a lot.

Tuesday... Slept seven to five, ate once, back down till six thirty. Same Wednesday.

I was worried about naps and nursing to sleep but she has been popping herself off my boob and I put her down awake by Thursday night and she was asleep in five minutes!

We made it with absolutely no tears and I really think introducing what Ferber called the transition object...in our case two of those tiny AA security blankets. She cuddles those and out she goes! I am sure we will have plenty of setbacks but it made me so happy to have it go well.
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Re: Crib/Sleep Success!!!

  • Woohoo!  Our DS has been in his crib at night since 5w but still napped in his swing until earlier this week, too.  Just tonight we decided to put him to sleep awake and changed his routine to move nursing up before bathtime.  We were so scared but he cried for 20 min and has been out for 1.5 hours.
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  • That is awesome, good luck! I was to scared to give up both nursing and swinging to sleep in one fell swoop but we went from swaddled in the swing to free in the crib so thank goodness we survived. Hopefully she can distance herself from the boob connection because I am not ready to give it up : congrats!!!!
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  • Great job!!!

    Henry Cavill...You're welcome!


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  • Oh my gosh...those a&a security blankets have been our savior as well. We transitioned to the crib last week and I bought them hoping to ease the transition.  Now they are going everywhere with us!!

    Congrats on an easy transition! 


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  • I just noticed that I wrote earlier that DS cried for 20 minutes; he actually only cried for 10, I guess that was a typo.  So we tried putting him down awake for naps today and have had two successful, even if shortish, ones.  We don't have the A&A security blankets but I did put a regular A&A blanket in with him, just draped over his arm and he has used it to suck and soothe himself to sleep.  

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