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What the what?!

I got a new job about a month ago working at an internists office. Right before I started I had a CP and I had to miss a day of work during my first week to see my doctor. I decided to be upfront with everyone as to what was going on, and I'm glad I did. 

The internist asked to see my RPL bloodwork that my doctor drew, and then she ran some additional tests. I got all the results back today and found out something interesting. I have a gluten sensitivity! Not an allergy, but apparently my body does not tolerate it. I've never been sick or had symptoms, but they way she explained it was that my immune systems kicks into overdrive every time I eat something with gluten to fight the reaction. Because it's working so hard, my other systems are not running at their optimum level. She doesn't think it's the cause of my losses, but it certainly doesn't help. I'm also low on vitamin B and D, despite taking PNV, so I've got to up the intake.

I find it really fascinating how all of this could be linked. I'm really bummed because bread is one of my favorite things in the world. I know there are a lot of great gluten free options out there, but it's definitely going to take some getting used to. For you ladies who are living the gluten free lifestyle, any suggestions?

Sorry for the long, AWish post, but my mind is kind of blown right now.  

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Re: What the what?!

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    Oh wow!  We are all wishing we had internist friends now.  I'm glad it was discovered and can be addressed.  There really are a lot of gluten free options now.  
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  • Sorry that you are gluten sensitive, but I hope that maybe some of this information will be helpful for you. I think it's great that your employer was willing to look further into these things for you!

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  • I just started today on a low carb/sugar diet. Which cuts out bread too pretty much.

    It has been surprisingly easier than I thought. There were a lot of gluten free options on the shelf!

    You just have to plan ahead.
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  • I just started gluten free for this exact reason. Gluten free actually isn't difficult at all and gluten free bread is delicious when toasted! PM me if you want to chat

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  • We are gluten free. Please let me know if you want to chat or need ideas! Good luck. It's not as difficult as it used to be though!
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  • Working for physicians can always be to our benefit :) I'm glad she found this so you can start on the right path to get it all back to normal!
  • That awesome that the internist checked everything out for you! Gluten-free diets aren't too bad. I'll bet you can find some great alternatives. The spa I work in has gluten-free cookies that are, honest-to-God, amazing!!!!


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  • Soooo many people have gluten sensitivity. And grains in general. They're very inflammatory and definitely not the "heart healthy" food they're made out to be.

    I'd suggest checking out as well as

    I recently went grain (and legume, soy and sugar) free at the beginning of June and I can't even begin to tell you how much better I feel. No more gut issues (always figured I had undiagnosed IBS), I've lost 19lbs in the past  7.5 weeks, most of that since I cut grains. 

    I'll get off my soapbox now, but if you have any questions feel free to PM me!

    And how cool that you work for someone who is willing to run those tests for you! 

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  • I'm so sorry you're dealing with this. ((Hugs)) are you having an endoscopy?

    I know Jenn0021 is gluten free and posts a lot of recipes on her blog  


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