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Bottle help

So C is 9.5 weeks, EBF, and over the past week or so has been slowly rejecting the bottle. She stopped taking it completely yesterday. She had no issues with the bottle when I was hospitalized from 11-14 days postpartum, but I was so put off with EPing while so sick in the hospital that we didn't give her another one until she was 5 weeks. She refused it completely and we slowly worked our way towards her taking it again. It took a little over a week, maybe two, and a few different nipples/bottles but she was finally downing 3.5 to 4 oz at a time using the Lansinoh momma bottles. We were giving her a bottle once a day.

About a week ago she started only taking 2 oz at a time, and refusing the rest from the bottle. We tried to get her to finish but to no avail, and she was still hungry so after a while we gave up and she would finish at the breast. The amount she ate from the bottle slowly decreased and now she seems to be unable to latch to the bottle.

She tries to latch but it's almost like she can't get a good grip? Sometimes she would suck for a while and I'd be sure she ate a couple oz but it would end up being barely anything. She gets so frustrated she gives up after a while. What can I do to get her bottle feeding again? I think latex nipples might help but she hates the shape of the playtex drop ins. Maybe a faster flow nipple so she can get more milk while she still has the patience to deal with the bottle? I'm at a loss here so any help is greatly appreciated!!

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Re: Bottle help

  • This won't really help but DD went on a total bottle strike from 9 wks to 16 wks. You could try a bunch of different bottles or wait it out. Do you SAH? With DD I just continued to offer the bottle 2 or 3x a week until she finally took it again. I only put an ounce in each time so I wasn't wasting a ton of milk. Have you tried having someone else give her a bottle without you around? Maybe she can smell the real thing and prefers it.

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  • This seems to have started happening to us today! S is 9 weeks tomorrow, and last night she only ate 2 oz from the bottle at each feeding. This morning she absolutely refused the bottle from DH who was trying to let me sleep in and screamed bloody murder till I came and gave her boob time. I hope this isn't a sign of things to come since we need to supplement so she needs to eat from the bottle, plus she'll be starting daycare in a few weeks!
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