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Anyone else experiencing this? I'm not having full blown panic attacks at this point but it's definitely more than normal. It typically happens when I'm breastfeeding, maybe 2 or 3 times a day. I'm definitely not stopping bfing at this time, I think it's more just a time when I sit still and realize how overwhelming being a mom is.

I don't think this is any kind of ppd, but I may mention it at my 6 wk appt next week. I think that if I could just exercise more I could get out of this funk. Unfortunately my body just isn't ready for more than short walks.

Ideas? Personal experience?

Re: anxiety

  • BF'ing made me anxious and unhappy. Not sure why, but it did. nbsp;Even though it's more time consuming, I'm happier pumping and bottle feeding. I know that in my case not being able to exercise isn't causing my anxiety because I don't enjoy exercise to begin with.Maybe try pumping and bottle feeding on a trial basis to see if it makes you feel any better. It worked wonders for me.nbsp;nbsp;
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  • I have started pumping a little just so dh can feed her if I need a break or need to run errands or whatever.

  • I felt anxious and sad when I was breast feeding and especially when I was pumping. Everytime I sat in the rocking chair to pump I was very sad and not a happy Mom. I hope it gets better for you.


  • I guess I should specify it doesn't just happen when bfing, just usually. For example I got a big wave of it when going to take the dog out tonight. I don't think it's really, or at least completely, bf related, but I am assuming it's some kind of postpartum hormonal thing.

  • I got waves of anxiety at 5 weeks pp too actually. Also at 2 and a half weeks. It came about in relation to BFing and I felt really anxious that my lo was so time consuming and I was feeling trapped and overwhelmed at him needing me so much. It passed for me after about a week. Unfortunately I didnt really do anything to help it pass except tell DH my feelings. He did calm me by telling me we could adjust the feeding schedule and I could FF if I wanted. He also encouraged me to get out of the house more.
    I think talking to the doctor is a great idea but also just taking breaks and time for yourself when you need it is really important. Pump and leave your LO for an hour or two, or simply take a longer shower than normal or take a nap. Something that will relax you and get your mind off your lO for a little bit and let you connect with yourself the adult instead of you the mom.
    Good luck I really hope it passes quickly for you!
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  • I have similar moments... Usually it is random but there is more time to worry when feeding. My fears are usually insane, too, like thinking of what would happen if someone suddenly slammed their car into mine and killed me but the baby survived... Would someone come to feed her in time? Like I said, crazy. I like to think it's a natural way our bodies have of showing they care about our little ones. That, or I may seriously need medication.


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    I felt anxious and sad when I was breast feeding and especially when I was pumping. Everytime I sat in the rocking chair to pump I was very sad and not a happy Mom. I hope it gets better for you.

    This is how I felt when BFing & pumping. It would come and go, but it was every time.


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  • I have been stress ridden since the beginning. I have these waves of just stress induced crying fits where I felt like I wouldn't be able to be anything but a mother EVER AGAIN and it really drove me nuts with anxiety.  I'm definitely not one of those mothers who is willing to sacrifice everything about me for my baby even though I love him to bits.

     To help with this what I did was started reaching out and talking to friends who had kids.  Not people in the middle of the situation, but people who have moved past this stage.  It's especially good if you can talk to someone who you feel has the same parenting attitude as you, so you can eliminate any guilt or judgement which would just increase the stress.  It's important to connect with other people and talk about your feelings to relieve the stress.

     Also, I would say take breaks.  Give the baby to someone else for the half an hour between feeds or whenever you have time and do something else.  I know exercise helped for me, but honestly, baby is so demanding I usually can't get more than 10 minutes and that's a hard time to get an significant work out in.  But even doing dishes or a chore other than taking care of baby makes me feel a lot better.  And be sure to get in a hot shower or some kind of short activity just to remind yourself that you're still you and This Too Shall Pass.

      And don't forget This Is HARD.  So forgive yourself for a lot of things like feeling stressed or overwhelmed.  I don't know a mother out there who didn't feel like that at some point.  Every person I've talked to tells me it's hard and I'm starting to believe them.  So keep at it.  In theory it will get easier, but I know how hard it is to believe that when you're in the middle! Don't worry, you're not alone.

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  • Thank you all. These past couple days I have fed her then dashed out of the house for an hour or two, leaving dh with a pumped bottle. I am noticing too that I don't take him up om his offers to give me breaks often enough. I need to start getting over the feeling that I have to do it all, and let him spend more time with his daughter.

    Your tips are helpful, and it's nice to know I'm not alone.

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    My anxiety is definitely ramped up. I'm constantly afraid I'm going to hurt him on accident. Or that H will. When I sit to nurse is when my mind is the least occupied, so it wanders, or I replay my worst moments of motherhood and then worry about what kind of harm I've already done... it's awful. So now, I read on my iPhone. I lose myself in reading easier than I do in tv, so it's a better distraction for my racing, repetitive thoughts.
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