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When to Stop?

My first appointment is on Monday, so I'll ask the doctor too, but just in case this is something that happens again this weekend beforehand, I'd like to know what to do.

Last Sunday I helped a friend move to a new house and yesterday I spent a good deal of the day playing with 20 kids of friends, all under the age of 7. In general I tend to push myself physically pretty far, so I tried to do it again with lifting heavy boxes, running a lot, and carrying children. But then my stomach starts hurting and aching. I continue on a little longer past the discomfort, then stop. Normally I'd just push through the pain, but I want to be more careful right now (but also I should probably prepare my endurance and strength for the big push later.)

Should I stop the very moment I feel something? Or is continuing a couple minutes longer ok (like I've been doing?) Or is it the kind of thing where my body is just adjusting to the changes and I can just push through it?

Re: When to Stop?

  • I live and work on a dairy farm and chase a toddler all day.

    My life is all about the physical.

    I push myself until I'm dead not pregnant. :) Pregnant I take it a little easier. As soon as something hurts, I stop. It's just not worth the risk to me to say I did it.

    My OB also told me, if it was something I was used to before I was pregnant, 9timesoutof10 it's okay to keep doing it. It's when something gets out of the ordinary that it's a bit more dicey.

    You'll also learn fast and with practice what's just "growing pains" and what might be pushing it. They're both pretty different feelings to me.

  • I would imagine it's your body signaling for you to slow down and take it easy, especially at only five weeks along.  I'm a couple of weeks behind you (if I didn't experience a miscarriage yesterday) and this would be my first so I can't give you a definite answer.  I know I've been taking things slow since I found out on Tuesday.  No heavy lifting at all, no running around, no exercise other than walks and no sex.  I'm probably just being overly cautious because of my circumstances and sometimes things don't always go as planned even if we do everything right, but I would still slow down a bit until you reach the 12 week marker, just to be safe.  

    Congrats!!!!!  :-) 

  • My OB told me to continue to do what I did pre-pg but to listen to my body. I work with animals and used to have no problem lifting a 60lb dog by myself but even in early pregnancy I experienced pain trying to do this. I found I am still ok with 30-40lbs so I don't push it further. Just listen to your body. With everything loosening up it is easier to injure yourself while pregnant.

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  • Don't "push through the pain". Listen to your body. If you start getting aches and pains then STOP. Pushing through will NOT help you with labor! If you want help with that then focus on Kegels from now on.

    Your body is changing a lot right now. Your muscles and ligaments are becoming much more loose. If you push your body too much you could seriously hurt yourself which would hurt the baby.








  • Thanks everyone, I'll take it easy. :)

    @JLGriffin87- I hope you didn't have a miscarriage! Good luck and hope you and the baby are ok!  

  • I would also add on, stay really hydrates. I nanny, so running around with kids is what I have to do! Now that I'm making extra sure I'm drinking enough water (I pace myself with a water bottle) I feel loads better. 
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