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6 month checkup

My poor little guy. He has not slept well for the last few days and had his 6 month check up/shots up this morning. He usually loves the nurses and his Pedi but today he was a mess. He is weighing in at 16.7 and is 28 1/2 inches long. The Pedi DID confirm in front of my SO that he says Mama,he was yelling it as they gave him his shots. I made SO hold him,I just can't watch them give his his shots. She confirmed,yep...he says Mama. Connor then proceeded to "yell"at the Pedi. She said he is very vocal. Bleh....we came home and cuddled and he ate some peaches as a treat. I hope he naps for a while. We both need it.
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Re: 6 month checkup

  • Awe poor little guy. I think the six month shot coincide with bad stuff for everyone, teething, growth spurt, major learning going on too. Milla did the best with them though. The ones before she had fevers, crying nonstop, fussy... With the six month ones she had nothing. Hopefully that's the case for Connor too.
    I wasn't sure Milla was really saying momma or just babbling until she got sick and started calling for me from her bed. She also put her arms toward me when DH was holding her and said it.

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  • Thanks.Smile He wasn't too fussy afterwards. He just wanted to be snuggled. Isn't it cute they know who we are? Connor was saying it in his crib this morning and I said to SO, "do you hear that?" "He is saying Mama!" SO  looked at me and said "nope". I think he's jealous. Tough crap dude, I deserve this bit of recognition! LOL
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  • I hope he handles tonight well, and how CUTE that he is calling for you now. I cannot wait for that!!
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  • That is awesome he is calling you mama, I cannot wait for that!
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  • Last night was rough. He was up every 45 min. to an hour,finally @ Midnight I had my SO go sleep in the other room and brought Connor to bed with me. He didn't fuss as much,and at least when he needed me he was right next to me. He is running a temp and his legs are very sore. He is swinging with his sister's stuffed rag doll and looking tired with little red eyebrows.Sad I hate shots.

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