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Riley Joseph's birth story

I finally have a second to get on an actual computer.  Yay naptime! 

Riley Joseph was born on 6/27 at 6:09 PM, weighing 7 lbs 15 oz and 19.5 inches long.  I was actually scheduled to be induced that day at 7:30, but the little mister had other plans!

My water broke at 8:45 in the morning while I was peeing.  It took me a second to realize what was going on bc I just kept "peeing" without trying.  Duh, not pee!  I filled the toilet twice with blood, which was so scary.  It made my blood pressure drop and I couldn't stand up.  I actually called my dr while laying on my hardwood floor.  DH and my brother managed to slide me down the apt stairs and get me into the car, thankfully we missed rush hour traffic and the ride was less than 15 minutes long.  I felt better on the ride over but when I went to get into the wheelchair I felt dizzy again.  I went through 2 bags of fluids in no time and finally felt better.

I got up to pee a few hours after being there and when I got hooked back up to the monitors the nurses realized that DS's heartrate dropped and wouldn't come back up.  For six whole minutes.  They moved me a million different ways, jiggled my belly and gave me oxygen and it finally came back to normal.  So there I had to stay :( 

My dr came in and checked me and realized that part of my membrane was still in tact, so he broke that and I swear I lost 10 pounds in fluids right there.  I also passed two HUGE clots.  He realized later that part of the placenta detached causing all the bleeding.  Scary stuff bc I barely saw any blood with DD. 

So, after nearly 7 hours of intermitten contractions that barely got me to a 6 and another decel episode, my dr decided to start me on pit around 5:00.  Well, that did the trick and after 15 minutes of pushing, DS was born at 6:09, beating my 7:30 scheduled check in time for the induction! 

I am so happy that I started to labor on my own.  Sad that I couldn't get the job done on my own, but I knew it was best for DS at that point to just get out.  He was pink and screaming his little head off. 

And after that novel, here's a couple pictures for you :)




DD checking out her little brother



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