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Nobody puts baby in the corner...

...but maybe in the closet! I've been searching the internet and have found some of the CUTEST closet nurseries! And it seems like it might make a pretty awesome exchange, we're in the process of moving into a 2 bedroom apartment, with 2.5  kids... Talk about stressin! But with the closet idea I think I could make it work...It's got a pretty good sized walk-in and if I remove the doors, as well as all clothes... maybe add a fan (air flow) and some extra (low-watt) lighting, I think we could fit everything baby bean will need! Especially since the first couple months she'll be safely tucked away in her bassey right next to mommy's side of the bed....

Doable, or Tragic? What's your opinion? 

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Re: Nobody puts baby in the corner...

  • I think it is definitely doable.. I would just be worried about where all the clothes will go!  CHeck out apartment therapy blog.  They have great ideas for tiny nurseries.
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  • Totally doable. I know this is different but my DD sleeps in my mother in laws closet when we visit. It has a window and everything :
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  • Doable, as a tween I moved into my closet... Twin bed and all.
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  • We do what we must; joked that LO would be in the kitchen pantry area in the beginning (most temperate part of the house). Do wonder about the walls of the closet ... are the walls that do not touch the master bedroom exterior or interior walls? If exterior and not well insulated, winter or summer temperatures could be an issue.
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  • I would be worried about where everything will go. If you take the closet that would have held your clothes and make it the baby's room, where will you put your clothes? Also, where will you put the baby's things/clothes?
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  • You can make anything work. Pare down to only the necessities for all family members. Beg grandparents to store hand me downs in between kids so you don't take up valuable space in your smaller space. Store your pjs and undies in your in drawers of your nightstand. Store your clothes in bins under your bed or buy one of those bed frames with nicer drawers built in. Oh and plan to spend a lot of time at local parks. I think the key to living happily in small spaces is to get out often.
  • Of course its doable! we have our DD in a tiny little 6 foot wide walk through room. When this baby comes, we will have her share a room with her older sister, and baby will go in this room.


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  • we r in a 1 bedroom apt with a large walk in closet and an additional closet. we redid the floors and are using the walk in as the nursery. We are just about finished it looks great and works for us. couldnt be happier
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  • I've never heard of this, but why not? Babies don't need that much. They'll fit! Good idea!
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  • Thanks guys! I've been kind of worried about the clothing situation myself, but I'm considering just getting one of those little closet systems from somewhere to use for awhile. I can't wait to be able to put everything together! I'm nesting like crazy and we don't move into our new place till next week! AHH!
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