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Question: Trading formula actuals....

I've never really paid attention to what the standard is for trading formula actuals on here. What is standard...how do you dealing with shipping?



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Re: Question: Trading formula actuals....

  • Also wondering...funny, I just put the same thing in my post!


  • I've been wondering as well...
  • lrw327lrw327
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    I think everyone does it differently...last year when my DD was on formula and I swapped for actuals, I would swap formula checks and would swap enough so that it would cover the value of the actual(s) PLUS the cost of shipping- I swapped with quite a few people who were more than happy to do it that way with me!

    Since I am getting ready to have another baby later this year, I actually just swapped for formula actuals last month and we did it the same way (enough formula checks to cover the value of the formula actuals plus the shipping cost)...however I've heard that some swappers like for you to actually pay for the cost of shipping, not sure how they figure out the value of the formula actuals though.;..

    was that the question you all were wanting answered? hopefully that was of some help! I always ask each individual swapper how they would prefer to do things but so far everyone has been fine with the method above! good luck!:) 

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