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Help picking my babies name.

My husband is a Second. Which i actually find quite weird.  He wants our son to be a Third which to me is just not an option. His family is really pushing for it, but I do not want our baby to have the same name as his dad and his grandfather.  I've tried to compromise but its no working. HEP!!!

Re: Help picking my babies name.

  • My husband wants to do Junior after his name and I am with you I do not want my son to have the exact same name as my husband.  So I tried to compromise. My husbands name is Charles Andrew so I said I would either do Andrew Charles or Charles Douglas (Douglas is my fathers name) and he seems to be ok with those.

    And not to be rude but his family has nothing to do with this decision.  This is yours and your husbands decision.   

    Hope this helps. 

  • I'm not a fan of juniors...this baby will be his own individual with his own personality and should have his own name!  Your husband's family should not factor into your decision.

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    It's you and your husbands decision.  If you don't want it, you need to voice that to your husband and you need to work it out together.  It's all about compromise and deciding together.  Perhaps you can use a family MN and then choice a first name together.

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  • DH's family is the same. They want me to do RDG initials and I don't know if I want to. I don't like Jr. and I really don't like seconds and thirds! They got to name a baby now it's your turn haha. Do what you want.
  • Here are my 2 cents: "no uterus, no opinion". You don't like the name, DH can deal with it, and it's none of his family's business.

  • Yep.. This is how it was with ds1 for us. I eventually said the first name can be the danger but the middle name ended up being my grandfathers name. It was super important to me and we finally agreed! Don't worry, once the baby is here and he sees what you have to do for labor he will cave! Lol
  • My son is a 3rd. At first I wanted to just incorporate Michael into the name but since his grandfather is no longer with us I let my SO choose the name and I really think it fits my son.
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