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We took the plunge today, but I wanted to see how the rest of you are faring to know whether there are any potential problems we should be on the lookout for. A few questions:

1. Have you PTd already, have you started, have you thought about it?

2. If you already have, what method did you use (the "go with the flow" method or the "three day method" or something like that)? How did it work?

3. Did you use rewards? If so, what? Was it easy to wean them off the rewards?

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Re: PTing

  • We did EC for poop since 8mo.  Whenever we changed a diaper and it was dry we put him on the potty and he would usually go.  He's usually dry after naps (since 18mo) and on his 2nd b-day (and most days since), he's beendry in the AM.  We had no intention of PTing at that point since I was 36 weeks pregnant, but we went with it.

    He holds his pee when he's in underwear most of the time but has to be told to sit on the potty.  We still put a diaper on him for sleep.  This week I just started doing short outings to the park in underwear.  No accidents yet.

    The only regression we've had is wwith poop.  He goes in his diaper on purpose now, and did it in his underwear the othernight.  He is capable of holding it since he very rarely poops when we aren't home (like maybe 10 times in a year).  

    We don't do rewards, just heavy on the praise.  I might do a sticker chart if the pooing continues.

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  • I have been procrastinating on this, yikes! Is that bad? Lol. I am just so overwhelmed at the thought of PT mainly because even though I am home every second of my day is mapped out and I can't afford to sit 20 min trying to get him to stay on the potty...sigh, I guess I have no
  • Steph&Harry you aren?t the only ones who have been procrastinating on this.

    We are definitely trying to get her to go to the potty until the baby gets here but I have the feeling it won?t be easy with her. She is such a busy little bee that she hardly has time to poop in her diaper(last week she went for a whole week without even trying to poop), so I think trying to make her sit on her potty and wait until she pees or poops might be a challenge. We made little progress this week because she wanted to sit on her potty without her diaper for the first time without screaming her head off. I think she really isn?t ready yet to grasp the concept of her potty so we will see how the next few weeks go. I don?t want to pressure her too much, because I know it will only backfire on me.

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  • I also don't really want to put pressure on her, but at the same time I really want her to be PTd when she starts preschool next spring, as I've heard from other parents that sometimes kids who aren't PTd are made fun of by kids who are. And this fall we'll be moving, so I think now is a good time. We have 3 free weekends in a row and that never happens.

    We're trying the 3-day method, but I have to admit that I'm not hardcore. We're using rewards since people on DD2's bmb have said they had success with rewards (the book I read says not to use them), and we're keeping diapers for naps and nights until she signals she's ready to get rid of them. And when we go out to run errands in a few weeks, I'm going to put pull-ups on her. Public toilets are few and far between in Europe, and the thought of trying to run to a public toilet, figure out where to park the double stroller, bring DD1 and DD2 to the bathroom, put DD2 down someplace clean, and get DD1 on the potty - all in the 2 seconds toddlers give you warning is, well, impossible. So I'm just going to try to encourage her to go before we leave the house and then put a pull-up on her in case there's an accident on the way.

    I was also procrastinating. We first wanted to do it before DD2 came, but when we tried in January I was completely overwhelmed and gave it up after a day. Then we wanted to try it in April but she got sick, and then in May but I got sick, etc, etc. But because the move is coming up, I put my foot down this time and said we're doing it. Even if it's not perfect, I want to get a good start now.

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  • We've thought about PTing this summer but we haven't even started yet.  I think that A is mentally ready (knows and wants to sit on the potty, gets the theory) but not physically ready (doesn't really know the "i have to go" sensation, doesn't go when we do sit on the potty). 

    So, maybe we'll do it later this summer or maybe fall, or maybe not until late fall/winter.  I'm not really in a rush as long as we're at a good place with it by 3.  I'm thinking that I'll look into the 3 day method first and go from there.  No rewards at first but I'm not concerned about adding them in if needed.

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  • Just as an update, we're 10 days into PTing. We just took away the diapers while she's awake, and are loosely following the method described in "oh crap! potty training" which I think roughly correspond to the three-day method. Of course she had quite a few accidents at first, then it clicked, then there was a bad day, a great day, a bad day, and this Fri and Sat she had no accidents. Today there was one because she got involved in playing in another room and couldn't easily make it to the potty.

    We're just doing short outings right now between pees, so I don't know how it'll be when we do longer ones, but we're gaining confidence!

    BFP1: DD1 born April 2011 at 34w1d via unplanned c/s due to HELLP, DVT 1 week PP
    BFP2: 3/18/12, blighted ovum, natural m/c @ 7w4d
    BFP3: DD2 born Feb 2013 at 38w4d via unplanned RCS due to uterine dehiscence

  • Daycare has DD started, mainly because she sees the other kids and wants to try too.  We haven't done much at home yet, other than give her a potty and let her try when she wants to.  Most people I talk to IRL think 2 is really early to start, but I figure if she's ready, then we'll go for it.  She's just now starting to be more consistent in letting us know she needs her diaper changed, so I figure by Christmas we might be potty trained.  I'm going to be more proactive about getting her on the potty on the weekends now that we're home more consistently (we had a lot of weekend trips the past few months)
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  • We just started yesterday. We're trying the 3 day method. We're using chocolate chips and sour candys. And he also has a pirate hat and stickers from the book "Pirate Potty". 
    We're on our 5th pair of undies, and he's gone lots of times in the potty. So way better than my expectations. I think he was just ready. Although.. now I'm terrified to leave the house. (We haven't left yet.)
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  • We just got the Elmo potty training DVD yesterday. My pediatrician recommended it. My DD seems a lot more interested in the potty now, so I think we are headed in the right direction. We are just going to follow her lead when it seems like she's ready. Having a new baby in a few months may make this a little complicated.
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