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WWYD? 25 weeks, red blood long, TMI

I used the restroom about an hour ago and admittedly strained quite a bit with a BM. When I wiped, there was a big smear of red blood on the tp. I kept wiping and there was more blood but less. I took a clean piece of tp and tried to see if any blood was vaginal. I don't think so. Just now, I had another BM and same thing, blood when I wipe from the back, but it seems like nothing in the front.

At this point, I'm 80 percent sure the blood is from straining and 20 percent worried it's something else. I called and spoke with a nurse and she said if I don't see it anymore, it's probably just from the BM. I am Rh negative and the last rhogam shot I had was 12 weeks and 2 days ago.

We're also 4 hours from home up in Wisconsin. If there isn't any more bleeding, would you just let it go? Or would you find an ER here and get it checked out and get rhogam? Wait until we drive home tomorrow and go to L and D? I think you have 72 hours to get rhogam.

Also, cell phone service is spotty here, so this may be a p and r for awhile.
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Re: WWYD? 25 weeks, red blood long, TMI

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