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Gestational Diabetes Testing

I am 28 weeks preggers. Yay! But I failed by GDT test last week. They want me to do the three hour and I don't want to do it.

 I also failed the one hour at 16 weeks and did the three hour and everything was beyond fine. I was horribly sick afterwards. I can't imagine doing that test again, I also now did some research and found it is not the healthiest test for the baby or me.

 Has anyone else ever refused this? Is there any empirical evidence that you have found that is against this testing?




Re: Gestational Diabetes Testing

  • My doctor's office does not do the oral gtt. They only do blood tests. Ask your doctor if you can have a blood draw to check your A1C levels instead.

  • The one hour makes me sick, I can't imagine how awful the three would be. 

    Id have a conversation about alternatives with your OB.  

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  • Ask your OB if there is a different way to test. Undiagnosed/untreated GD can have a very bad outcome
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  • I thought about refusing the 3 hour (because I was sure I'd be sick from it) since the 1 hour was no cake walk. I ended up taking the 3 hour (it wasn't *as bad* as I was expecting) and I have GD. I would recommend taking it, its better to know for sure. Or you can just assume you have GD and test your BS daily (I test 6x/day some Dr's want 4x/day) and record everything you eat....Might be better to find out for sure instead of going through all the hassle? Untreated/undiagnosed GD is not good for mom or baby.
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  • I've never heard of an instance of anyone "refusing" to take the test. If you do not want to take it, I would definetly talk to your doctor about possible alternatives. 
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  • Some women develop gd later in the pregnancy. I passed my first 1hour test. Took another a month later and failed it. I then went on to big, fat fail the 3 hour. Yes, it's a PITA, but necessary for the health of you and LO. I'm not sure what other alternatives there would be for you. Definitely talk to your doctor.
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  • For me, the 3 hr was easy... you just take the drink just like the 1 hr, but you have to stay and get tested for the 3 hrs instead of just 1 hr.

    I passed my 3 hr at 16 weeks but was in a "grey" area after the 3 hr at 28 weeks. So I basically have GD. GD is nothing to mess with. There is no excuse to not test for it. If you don't like the normal method then ask about another way. If there isn't another way, then frankly, you're gonna have to get over it.
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  • take the test.  you are endangering your LO more if you go undiagnosed with GD.  how about looking that up.... also you are more likely to develop GD later in pregnancy.  I found out I had it at 30 weeks.  or you can talk to your doctor about following a GD diet and testing without doing the 3 hour but it sounds like you wouldn't want to prick your finger four times a day either if you can't handle a sugary drink.  
  • My doc skips straight to a fasting 2 hour, but it made me horribly sick and I vomited up the drink. So I did the 1 hour instead to see if I could just keep it down... When I called about it I asked, can I just skip the test? It made me miserable! They said I could only skip the test if I just started tracking my blood sugar like I have GD

    So that's an option but kind of a sucky one.

    The sugar in the drink is only like 2 and a half sodas even for the 3 hour. Which really isn't that big a deal.
  • just take the test. 

    it is important to the health of you and your baby.  

    "One of the most highly effective preventive measures a mother can take to protect the health of her infant is to breastfeed." - United States Centers for Disease Control & Prevention
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  • I didn't want to take the 3 hr either. But had to do it anyway.

    You can ask if there is some other way to be tested, but don't skip it entirely. It is extremely important to know if you have GD or not so that you can properly take care of yourself and baby. 

    Untreated GD can lead to baby being in the NICU. 

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  • As a PP said, I've heard of a couple women who declined the 3 hr and just assumed they had GD and did daily testing, diet and treatment accordingly. I guess question is which discomfort you prefer. Either way, I would never let GD go untreated.
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  • image SarahinMD:
    As a PP said, I've heard of a couple women who declined the 3 hr and just assumed they had GD and did daily testing, diet and treatment accordingly. I guess question is which discomfort you prefer. Either way, I would never let GD go untreated.

    I failed the one hour by such a large margin, with the help from my doctor we decided to skip the 3 hour and go direct to daily monitoring and to meet with the specialist. I was in the same boat, I would rather daily monitor and confirm GD that way than do the 3 hour. After a week of monitoring it has been confirmed that I do have GD and I started my diet restrictions after failing the 1 hour. But... do what your OB thinks is best. He may think you will pass your 3 hour. That would be helpful to know. Daily monitoring is expensive, especially if your insurance isn't stellar. You have your monitor, the testing strips, meeting with the specialist, a whole new diet... which sucks. So weigh out your options.


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