1st Trimester

Hey ladies I just need to vent :)

So this is our first pregnancy! We are so excited and scared of course! :) My fiance and I are both 19. Because of this I feel he is struggling to be on the same page as me. I understand it's harder for them because they don't get that "instant connection" I'm just so cranky and he is not very sympathetic. Any advice on keeping your mood a little controlled and not wanting to kill your spouse in the midst of making your beautiful baby? lol

Re: Hey ladies I just need to vent :)

  • He probably has a ton emotions running through him too but doesn't know how to communicate them.  There are some great tools for Dads to be so maybe hook him up with some of those? My DH would always read in the Dads section of my "What to Expect When You're Expecting" book and I would show him the babies progress from my phone app every week.  Just make the info available to him but don't smother him with it.  He will adapt to it in his time and will hopefully begin to understand where you are coming from emotionally.  Hope that helps!

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  • Thanks so much! I just needed to hear it from a woman lol I've been kinda tough on him and he has been trying and we just got that book too! :) He got a little traumatized by some stuff so I just need to be nice about it. 
  • A lot of it is hormones, but some of it is sleep and blood sugar. I find I get a little irritable if I don't eat every 2 hours (something healthy- sugar will make it worse,) and if I don't get enough sleep. I'll just tell DH, "Ok, nap time," and leave. Once I wake up I'm in a much better mood. Keeping hydrated also helps me a lot. Drink a lot of water! (I make flavored water- cucumber, blackberry, apple- cinnamon, mint... just so I don't get bored of it.)

     Good luck! 

  • awesome! Thanks to you too bunnycakes! :) I think you are right as well I have noticed lately ive been doing a lot better if I dont get to worn out and if my tummy is always happy! 
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