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(Repost from Breastfeeding board) 1 year old not taking pumped milk

My son will be 1 year old in a few days. Recently he stopped taking my pumped milk, in a bottle or cup. He will take a few sips and not want it anymore. He stills wants to nurse though, so I don't plan on weaning yet. Anyone else have this problem? Any suggestions? I only work 2 sometimes 3 days a week, do you think I would be fine just not pumping and letting him have only solids until I get home? 
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Re: (Repost from Breastfeeding board) 1 year old not taking pumped milk

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    Have you tried WCM? If you are giving him frozen BM the taste difference between nursing fresh and thawed milk might bother him. I would switch to WCM in his bottle/cups and nurse when you are with him. If he won't take that either have his sitter offer lots of dairy solids like yogurt, cheese, etc. 

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  • I stopped being able to pump any reasonable amount around the time she turned 1. She still nurses tho and is 17 mos. When I'm not around which is about as often as you, I have my h offerher milk in a sippy. She's fine with it but I really don't worry about it since iknow she is almost always getting more than enough.
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  • If you look at the Kelly Mom page about breastfeeding toddlers, they say that the number of times toddlers nurse per day can vary greatly from just once or twice to still nursing as frequently as a newborn. Basically, I think that the idea is if your kiddo is still nursing when he wants to - when you are around - he will be fine. If you are worried about him not getting enough protein or something while you are gone, you could have the amount of dairy given to him increased (as recommended by a previous poster). Otherwise, he would probably be fine with solids until you are back together. Also, a friend of mine (who I believe nursed until her son was around 3 yo) told me recently that even if you stop pumping for 5 days a week, your body will still have milk to nurse during the days on the weekend when you are together, if your LO wants to. My son is just about 13 months old and I think he probably would still take the milk just fine (he's kind of a little piggy and will eat/drink anything given to him! Tongue Tied) but I can't really get any significant amount when I pump anymore so I don't send pumped milk. Luckily, I work really close to the daycare and can pop in a few times a day to nurse him, but even without that he still nurses ~5 times a day so I'm sure he'd be fine without it.
  • He's definitely old enough to get WCM now, or just table foods while you're at work.

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  • DS was around 1 when I stopped pumping at work and he would get milk directly from the source first thing in the morning, right when I got home around 4:30, and before bed. He had water, whole milk, and solids the rest of the time. It worked out fine, but it kind of depends on how much milk he was getting from you before he abruptly stopped. FWIW, I'm still nursing DS now - just a little in the morning and a little before bed. Occasionally, he'll ask for it in the evening. Follow his lead - if he still wants to nurse, no need to wean yet.
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  • you might have high levels of lipase, smell it to see if it smells "metallic" if so you can "flash heat" it before you freeze it. I had alot of lipase and dd didn't mind it until she was about 1yr
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