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too attached to sleep sack

so we just switched my son to his toddler bed (he'll be 21/2 next month). When we made the switch i also took away his sleep sack. I'm now realizing i should have taken it away earlier. He keeps asking for the sleep sack (it's too small) and won't sleep under the blankets we got him. They are even Cars,his favorite. Every night he wakes up in the middle of the night upset because he's cold, but he freaks out if you try to put the blanket on him.  I think I read I could probably find a XL sleep sack somewhere, but i feel like it's time for him to separate from the sleep sack! Has anyone else had a child who doesn't want to get under the blankets? I'm hoping he'll change his mind eventually . . .

Re: too attached to sleep sack

  • DD is the same age and still loves her sleep sack!  She is still in her crib but I was recently thinking that she should probably start to transition out of the sleep sack (although, we do have a 4T one).  I think when we do so, I will let her use it as a lovey if she wants.  She is ok about covering up with blankets. 

    If your DS won't use blankets, what about just putting him in heavier pjs??

    Good luck!

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  • Go to the Halo website. My son is a big 2 1/2 year old and used the 3T type all winter long and most of the spring. I would have kept him in it until he was 10...jk...but he decided one night in May, "no sleep sack."

    The bigger ones have feet openings and were great!
  • DD just turned 3 and is still in a sleep sack. I thought I was the only one still using one....Smile

    she loves her sleep sack but does fine at nap time with just a blanket (we have never used a sleep sack for nap) . I am hoping to  keep her in the crib until at least late fall and possible longer if she tolerates it (I think DH feels like we need to move her into a regular bed for no particular reason). So far she still loves her crib. As long as she stays in her crib she will stay in her sleep sack. I don't want to buy bedding for her crib (or converted toddler bed).

    do you think he would do better if he was in a twin bed? DD loves to jump in our bed and hide under the covers. Maybe he really associates the crib/toddler bed with the sleep sack. Does he nap in the sleep sack too? Maybe if he naps have him nap without for a while and see if that helps.  Will using warmer PJs an no blankets help for the time being (while it isn't cold at night)

    My DD also loves to cover herself with towels and blankets when she is playing on the couch so she has never had any problems with blankets but despite that she still loves sleeping in her sleep sack. 

    Good luck, I mostly wanted to let you know you are not the only one with an older toddler in a sleep sack! 

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  • I never used one with my kids, so I'm not sure...but maybe he just likes the comfort of it?  Can he sleep with it as a lovey?  Maybe use the old sleep sacks to make a small quilt?  I'd put him in fleece footie pjs for sure too since he is used to staying warm without covers. 


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  • I would buy him an extra large one. I think the bed change and the blanket change might be too much at once for him, it seems.

    My LO stayed int he sleep sack at first when he moved to the big boy bed. He could still get out of bed an walk around a bit in it, so it worked fine. After not all that long, he was then OK to give it up. 

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  • Maybe you can try having him cuddle with it, it might just be an attachment thing?
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