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July Challenge * Day 5

Hope everyone had a good independence day! 

-carpntrgrl - 2/4 lbs | 3/4 workouts | 5/7 H2O

-Drea926 - 0/5 Lbs

-happylady5 -1/3 workouts

-holly321 - 0.5/10 lbs | 1/3 workouts | 0/7 Tracked

-jkuhmann - 0/3 lbs | 3/5 workouts | 10/20 AP

-Karla CS - 2/2 workouts | 0/1 Run

-SidraJedi - 0/2 lbs

-WinterBenson - 0.2/5 lbs | 0/14 AP | 0/7 Days Tracked 

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Re: July Challenge * Day 5

  • It is sooo nice here today! Its 10 AM and already 75 degrees! 

    I lost another 0.2 lbs. Seems to be the going rate for me lol. I'll take it after 2 cupcakes, pasta, and a hot fudge sundae yesterday :P

    This morning however, I fully intended on eating my last cupcake for breakfast. I had it in front of me and everything. But, I decided I didn't wanna feel crummy on this beautiful day, so I put it away. It's still here, its not in my belly for the time being. lol. 

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  • 4/5 workouts done, 12/20 AP.

    My mom brought Rice Krispie Treats to our house yesterday...good thing they are only 1 point each (she cuts them really small)!  I gotta get some serious activity points going between today and Sunday though.  Thank goodness this dang heat wave is taking a break!



  • Workout: Crossfit athome WOD this morning

    Weekly total so far: 2/3 workouts
    "Sweat is my sanity". Sarah Palin "Charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting, but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised". Proverbs 31:30 Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker
  • I lost 1.5 pounds and tracked my weight.
    Lilypie Third Birthday tickers Lilypie Second Birthday tickers m/c Harrison 2/6/12 @ 14weeks
  • Wooooo!  Go holly!  :-)



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