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Does anyone one else have major issues with people touching you? I have never been a touchy kind of person. I am not the person that walks up and gives big hugs at family get togethers, my Dh family however is! People being in my personal space really gives my anxiety a kick into high gear. Well today my Mil rode with me to my nephews games today and reaches over and starts caressing my stomach for like 10 minutes, I couldn't take it anymore I pushed her hand away and told her the baby isn't moving. She then proceeded to tell me she didn't care she was bonding. I tried explaining how uncomfortable it makes me to be touched and she reached over to rub again. Seriously almost dropped this chick off on the side of the highway.

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  • I have never had an uninvited touching during any of my pregnancies. I would be disturbed if someone ever did that to me. Now that I've said that I will probably get some creep trying to touch me.


  • Yeah, that would really annoy me!  I keep hurting my sister's feelings because she wants to just sit and rub/ hold my belly.  When I see her hand coming, I instinctively smack it away.  She knows I'm not the touchy-feely type.  It especially bugs me because the baby isn't moving when she's usually trying to get in a touch.  It's just weird.
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  • She's not bonding with the  baby... 
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  • Not. Cool. 

    Still my belly, not yours.

    The few people I let touch are family or close. And don't think I don't notice the subtle "I'm trying to get the baby to move," tricks. 1) they aren't subtle 2) you know that's me, right? That you aren't pushing the kid?

    Super not cool when you are driving. The ownership thing people seem to have over your bump/your baby is mind boggling. I've been really lucky so far, but probably because I freaked out about it early on. If they don't stop after "please stop," then the language shifts to "back off," and can quickly descend into profanity. In all fairness, I really try to say "please" several times.... Best of luck, friend :( 

  • Wow, that is just downright creepy!   
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  • I don't mind it, but at my shower it was kinda weird when my moms friend, someone I don't know well, kept touching my belly. I don't care if family or friends do it. I'm thankful that I finalllllly have a bump for people to touch and notice to touch! But if its a random person it feels awkward and weird, but at least this person asked first but then just kept doing it the whole 4 hours!!

  • WTF! Touching is one thing but the extended caressing is not cool.

    I can tell my MIL wants to touch pretty badly, but I haven't really given her the ok yet. 

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  • I am actually shocked that I have only had one person (other than my husband) touch my bump.  With my son I always had people touching me and I even freaked out on one lady.

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  • I love it, but I love the attention I get from being pregnant
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  • I guess I radiate b!tchiness on the subject bc it's barely come up. It's well known among family and friends that I'm a very private person with space issues. Combine that with the fact that I've been a nervous wreck about the whole pregnancy, and people respect my space.
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  • That would make me so mad. Thankfully my family aren't touchy people so they've only really touched my belly when I invite them to feel LO kick. Both my sister and best friend will touch my belly and go "hi, baby!" or "bye, baby!" but otherwise only DH touches me uninvited.
  • I go by the general rule that if you could touch me before you could touch me now but I still appreciate the courtesy of you asking. With that being said, I still get creeped out by anyone touching my stomach other than DH.


    This time next week I will get to see all of DH's side of the family during vacation (we are all spread out across two continents) and I fear my MIL will do the same thing. In the meantime, I have been trying to figure out ways to be evasive. 

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  • My mom, husband, and MIL touch my belly freely whenever they want.  Everyone else asks before they do it or don't ask at all.  I've always said yes, because saying no would feel even more awkward!

    I guess I have had one unwanted touching experience. MH's uncle, who I have met twice, kept caressing my belly when I was only 20 weeks pregnant and had barely a bump. He just loves babies and is a super emotional person, so I shrugged it off.

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  • At least it wasn't a stranger or someone you hardly know lol I'm usually fine when people in my family or friends decide to touch my belly. The other day though I just met my dads best friends new girlfriend and we went to a stag, of course she got pretty drunk and felt the need to keep touching my belly and rubbing it and I JUST MET this girl... I didn't want to seem rude In front of everyone and say back off but I was definitely uncomfortable.
  • I don't mind close friends and family touching, but the caressing would be very weird to me.

    I've had one or two strangers touch the belly, and I don't really know why people feel the need to do that, like its ok or something. I would never touch someone's belly that I don't know.
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