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Throwing Up Meals

My almost two year old has started throwing up almost all the food I feed him.  He used to be the best eater and now, we're down to almost nothing eating or staying down.  I know that it is normal for a two year old to stop eating - and he will eat when he's hungry, but my concern here is that he throws up about 50% of meals.

 The throwing up started about 2 weeks ago with the yogurt he gets at lunchtime.  He would throw it up one day, but not the next, and then the day after throw it up again.  So I switched brands of yogurt and that seemed to solve it.  Now, the last three mornings he is gagging and throwing up his morning oatmeal - which he has been eating since about 9 months.  Now, tonight, he threw up a typical dinner that I would give him.

 Any thoughts?  At first I thought a food allergy or sensitivity to dairy, but he can drink his milk throughout the day with no problems.  Help please - I am getting so very worried over my little guy and lack of intake of food.  He is throwing up a lot - everything in his stomach.  Thank you! 

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