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Surgery - didn't heal properly. anyone else??

My DD turns five months in two weeks. At my six week pp appt, I had a small lump down there - I figured it was scar tissue from tearing. Dr wasn't worried about it unless it got bigger. Well about a week ago I "felt" down there again and it was huge!!! I immediately panicked and called the doctor who got me in right away. Here's the problem. He said its not normal, it's not scar tissue, it's not a cyst, it's not even from my vagina/vaginal wall. I am scheduled for a CT scan next week and will most likely have surgery to remove it no matter what it is. It also has pushed vaginal tissue up and out - but it's not a prolapse. Strangest thing is that it doesn't hurt but the dr and I both know it grew fast. Did anyone else have surgery or still have problems like this or heard of anything like this? My dr also thinks it could be unrelated to my delivery which I really don't think is the case. It's located more near the rectal/peri area. I'm a little scared actually.

Re: Surgery - didn't heal properly. anyone else??

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