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Is powdered formula less filling?

DS is FF and we've always given him the concentrate.  However a neighbour gave us a whole bunch of powdered formula so we've been giving him that for the last two days.  We've noticed that he's eating a lot more often than he was on the concentrate and we're wondering if the powdered is less filling because it's more watery or something.  Has anyone else noticed this?


Obviously he could be eating more because of a growth spurt or thirst (it's been hot here), but I'm just curious if anyone else noticed a difference in their LO's appetite between concentrate and powdered.




Re: Is powdered formula less filling?

  • khazekhaze
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    Sorry this probably won't be much help but I don't think there is a difference between the two as far as nutritional value per ounce. My son ate the liquid formula in the hospital after he was born and when we got home we used powdered and I never noticed a difference. We've always used powdered so I can't make a recent comparison.

    Again sorry that's not much help but wanted to give you something since there were no other replies.

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  • We supplemented my oldest with formula and I remember noticing that the ready to feed jars were quite a bit thicker than the powder. I don't remember there being a nutritional or calorie difference but the texture was definitely not the same (the RTF really hurt her stomach so we had to stop using it very quickly).
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    Rtf is def thicker. DS won't take it
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