Green stool

I am new on this board but needed advice or answers of any kind since today is a holiday I couldn't call the pedi. I have an OALD so my LC suggested block feeding which I had done for about a week now. Today his pool has been worse then ever it is darkish green and jelly like consistency. It has not been this color till now. Any advice? Should I go back to feeding him normally and see if that helps?

Re: Green stool

  • Our pedi to only be worried about colour if it's white, black or red.

    Consistency on the otherhand may be a problem.  For us green mucousy poop was a sign of an intolerance.

    Before we looked into that though we tried 24hour block feeding.  It wasn't fun but it did work to balance fore and hind milk,

    Lilypie - (L4SA)
    Lilypie - (I4o1)
  • I would continue with block feeding for another week. You may even want to feed 2x per side. If that doesn't help you might try going dairyfree. I had OALD and OS and DS was MSPI, so it could be multiple issues. We have an MSPI check in on this board on Mondays if you'd like to join us. GL!
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