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GTKY: Oldest age to have a baby?

What age are you now?  For you personally, what is the oldest age you would consider having a baby?  Consider all of the factors... current age, # of kids wanted, job, financial situation, home, retirement etc.


I'm almost 27 now.  For me, the oldest I would want to be would be 40.  At that point DH would be 50.  Ideally I'd like to be done by 35 though.   I'd like us to have some "us" time when the kids are grown and gone!


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Re: GTKY: Oldest age to have a baby?

  • I decided a long time ago that I didn't want to have any more children after 30 - my primary reason being that by fifty, I wanted to be able to be putting more money toward my retirement than toward raising my kids and paying for educations. I just turned 30 in April, and I'm done :) 
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  • I'm 28 and would like to be done by 32. We have one DD and only want one more. If I have TTC I'd try until 35.
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  • I just turned 34, DH is 44.  DS is our first and will be our only.  Because of my one-handedness, I can't have more babies than I have hands, so if we had a second baby, we'd wait until DS is 3 or 4.  That would put me at 37 or 38 and DH at 47 or 48.  Our ages are one of the reasons that we've just decided to have one LO, even though we'd both love more.


    I think 35 or 36 is the oldest I'd go, taking into account DH's age too.


  • I'm 24 now (23 when I had DS).

    I'd consider it until 40, I think. Maybe younger - maybe older! I feel like I'm nowhere near deciding on that yet, though. 

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  • I think we'll try again when I'm 32, so I'd love to be done by 33. Of course if we have TTTC I'll keep trying until at least 35.
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  • I'm 28 and DS is my first. Ideally, I'd like to have another when I'm 32/33. I would try up until 35 but probably not beyond that. DH is 4 years older than me, and he likes our plan. He usually goes along with what I want to do. :P


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  • I am 26, I had dd when I was 23.  I want 1 more, and hopefully by the time I am 28.  Dh wants to wait 5 years though.  I am certain that I can change his mind.

    i would be willing to still have a kid at 35, I think, if we decide to have more than 3. 

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  • I'm 30 now and we just want two kids total. Ideally I'd like a 2 to 3 year age gap, so hopefully I'll be done by the time I'm 33. Definitely done by 35 though, I want to still e reasonably young when the last one is out of high school.

  • I'm 33 and DH is 38.  I'm on the fence about whether I want more.  I actually wish I would have waited a few more years before having DD.  I was so worried we 'd have trouble conceiving and was obsessed with having all my kids before 35 because I didn't want to be old.  Now that I see how limiting having a baby is, I wish I would have spent more time traveling and having fun and waited until i was in my late 30s.  That said, if I did have more it would be in the next few years.
  • I just turned 33, less than a week ago.  We do not plan on having any more kids, I should say that the oldest I would let myself change my mind would be 37.  Due to health risks, age difference in babies, and my DHs age.
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  • I'm 30.  I think I'm done.  If we have another, I want to be 35 or younger.  Personally, I want to retire some day and have all the kids out of the house at that point so I can travel, etc. before I get too old.


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  • I'm 30 now.

    I don't know how old I think is too old for me. I guess I'll know when I get there. I know that I kind of side-eye parents who have children after their early fifties just in general, like I try not to judge but I just sort of wonder a little anyway.

    I think that I want 5, with 3-4 years between kids and if everything goes well, I could be 46 when we have our last. Watch, I say five now (I've always said 3 or 5, b/c I want more than one and for some weird reason I'm drawn to the odd numbers) and after our second I might be like "Okay! That's it, I'm over this." Stick out tongue Or on another note, I might not have the smooth, uncomplicated pregnancy that I had the first time. There are so many factors really and things change. Only time will tell.


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  • I'm 24 now. I'd like to be done before 35. Ideally, I'd be done by 30, but with my PCOS getting pregnant isn't very easy for us.
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  • I'm 37 next month and DH is 37 in September.

    We hope to be done by 40, but as we would like 2 more, and can only really have them once we move back to  the UK, then we may end up having them later than planned. 

    I'd be heartbroken if we leave it too late, but I know I can't manage more babies being home alone as I am. 




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  • 38 here with 2 and 97 percent sure we are done. If I go insane and try for 1 more I would proabably try and do it before 41.

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  • I'm 34. If I have another, then I'll probably be 36 or 37. I need to go back to work first. I imagine once my youngest turns 4 or so, I will lose motivation to try for a third, so 38 is my hypothetical limit. Perhaps I'll get baby fever later though. 
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  • alakealake
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    We are done.  We have three and are adopting two.  I had my last at 28. 

    My auntie had one at 40.  A lady my friend went to High School had twins at 47, as her first kids.  My second cousins wife was 45.

  • In general I don't want kids after 35, but now that I have one at 27, I only want 2 and want them relatively close in age, so hopefully done at age 30.
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  • i'm 33 on monday and i'd like to be done or pregnant again by 35. right now we're only planning on 2....so here's hoping it works out again like it did this time (pregnant on first try).
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  • SagenSagen
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    I had my first at 21 second 23 third 25 fourth 29, and I am now 30. I wanted to have all before 30, if for some crazy reason I decided to go for another I would want to be under 35, but I am pretty darn sure we are done.
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  • I'm 32, was 31 when my son was born and we're done. We had our kids on the young side, at 26, 28 and 31. Out of all of DH and my HS and college friends the first other than us to have a baby had their son in May. 

    Had we not started and completed our family pretty young I likely would have wanted to be done having kids by around 40. 

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  • I'm 24 now. I only want 2 kids so I'd say the oldest I'd have them would be 30, though we plan to have our second in the next 2 years. I told DH I'm not having another baby until we have our house built. This house is already full enough with the two of us, the baby, 2 dogs, and 2 cats. It's freezing cold in the winter. The bathrooms are totally random throughout the house (For example, our shower is in the porch). I REALLY don't want a toddler in this house, let alone another baby! Rant over. 30 is my max age I'd say.
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  • 31 now.

    If I could decide, I would have another boy right away so that he and current son would be friends...then have a little gap and then a little girl to be my friend.  :)

    No clue how long we would try...it is hard since we needed fertility meds for this one.  I can't imagine having kids into my 40s, but I also cant imagine BEING in my 40s (30 was rough for me!) so who knows. 

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  • I'll be turning 30 in September and honestly I would like to be done by 33 at the latest. We're only having two kiddos.
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    I'm 24 now. I'd like to be done before 35. Ideally, I'd be done by 30, but with my PCOS getting pregnant isn't very easy for us.

    You had one that's a great sign!! 
    Just wanted to say I also have PCOS and diabetes. I had an IUD in place, started metformin, and lost 20 pounds and POOF pregnant. While trying not to be. If you haven't been up the metformin creek yet perhaps it's something to look into?

    Back to the topic at hand I'm 25 SO is 22. We decided to try to have an intentional LO in 3-4 years and then get my tubes tied. I have too many health problems to want to try to procreate past 30.

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  • I'm 25 now with my first. We want 3 total but I want to be done by the time I'm 29-30 yrs old. I just want some time to travel and enjoy life later - with my kids. :-)

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  • I'm 29 now. If everything goes well, we'll have #2 when I'm 31 and #3 when I'm 33. Then done!


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