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Rant/Vent/Psychotic Breakdown...

I'm going to apologize now because this might be long.... my family (my parents, sister, brother in law, 5 year old niece, and 3 year old nephew) have all decided to come visit and stay in my small 3 bedroom townhouse for over a week.... there was only supposed to be a one day overlap with everybody but my sister surprised me when she got here and informed me that they were staying an extra 4 days.... my sister and I are not close, we are nothing alike... I personally still want a DNA test, I love her because she is my sister, but we get along better from safe distance, anyways now that everyone is here I am currently hiding in my bedroom, when we all get together, for some reason I always get ganged up on. Everything I do is scrutinized, argued with, or I get made fun of. We moved when my son was 5 weeks old, but everyone seems to think that they know how to take care of him better than I do. I say he's hungry, I get argued with and they say he's tired, even though he never fusses when he's tired. They make fun of me for trying to keep my house clean, my sister used my very expensive hand painted measuring cup this morning and when I saw her all I said was "Oh please don't use this, they're just for decoration," a normal person would apologize, not my sister, oh no, I get yelled at and called neurotic. Oh and when I said I was going to wait to see how the weather is tomorrow to see if we were going to go to New Orleans with them because it's supposed to rain, everyone gangs up on me saying that my 5 month old can get wet! Thanks. I'm aware. But why am I going to get stuck out in the rain with him if I don't have to. Oh and apparently I'm just mean by not letting him watch TV.... my sister got out his bouncy seat because she wanted to prop him up in front of the TV, WTH! UGH! I'm going to snap. If I had known that my house would become a permanent rotating hotel room, I would have never moved. Sorry needed to get this off my chest. 
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Re: Rant/Vent/Psychotic Breakdown...

  • Wow. She sounds like a peach. I would have said d, sorry but we don't have the spac for an extended stay but we would love for you to visit again soon.
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    Eek! I'm sorry, that sounds miserable! I'm so sick of family drama. I've definitely gone through the ringer with my own. Is there a way you could ask them to leave early? Shorten their trip by a couple days? It's your house and you shouldn't be so blatantly disrespected in your own home. Besides they surprised you and you shouldn't have to just take it if it's not ok. It's just rude. Like PP said, perhaps you don't have it in your schedule for an extended visit and they'll just have to deal.

    Put your foot down. Good luck to you! 

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  • Ugh. Sorry you're going through that. I would definitely put your foot down about future visits so there is no extended stays. It's so bad when family just assumes they can come into your home whenever because you're related! I hope they'll be on their way soon for your sanity!
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  • By the time one hint of sarcasm came out of someone's mouth, I would've let them have it! I have patience, but don'ttell me how I should be taking care of my baby! I'm sorry you are going through this.
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