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Update on me

I was finally discharged from the hospital tonight. They are treating me for Lyme/ any other tick disease. The ct scan showed the pain in my neck was from my lymph nodes enlarging from the infection. I was preparing myself for the worst, and couldn't stop crying until i heard no mass. The antibiotic is a gray area for bfing. They say its ok for a little but prolonged use is not safe so I'm a little nervous. The lactation consultant was very helpful. Thank you for the advice to ask for one. So it's just antibiotic, rest, and fluids until I see my family dr next week. DF was awesome and stayed with me the whole time until he asked if he could go see DD so my mom and him switched for an hour. I'm sure he's exhausted after sleeping the first night sitting up in a chair! Thanks for the TPs. Watch out for ticks ladies!
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